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Extrem Second Opinion 118 2020


7499 SEK

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Big-mountain Test Winner 2017/18 in the Swedish ski magazine Åka Skidor with rewards like “One of the better skis for drifting and it holds as good in higher speeds.” Opinion 118 is also the world’s first community-developed ski, created with the help of hundreds of dedicated skiers in forum thread with 1.900 member posts, over 1.000.000 visits and one year of development. For this, the model was awarded the international and prestigious ISPO Gold Award 2014/15. The model was renamed to Second Opinion after a further development of the construction that made the ski 15 % lighter ski and gave it more playful characteristics. The ski is very all-round for being such a wide ski, but prefers powder, tracked powder or spring snow. A ski for your Japan trip or for the best days of the winter. Second Opinion 118 is an ultra-light glass fibre ski (1990 g at 187 cm), made out of snappy poplar wood and light paulownia wood. In the tip and tail we use the ultra-light aerospace material Tubecomb for lowest possible swing weight. The harmonious tapered tip and tail, combined with the long low-rise rocker profile, creates fantastic floatation in powder and makes them easy to manoeuvre in all conditions. Second Opinion 118 is perfect if you are looking for a wide freeride ski or a powder ski. If you want more all-round freeride characteristics, Second Opinion 108 could be an option. Read the full product development process at: Design Örjan Vatnaland

  • Length187 cm / 194 cm
  • Tip142 / 143 mm
  • Waist118 mm
  • Tail132 / 133 mm
  • Radius23 / 24.5 m
  • Weight/ski1990 g / 2190 g
  • Factory edge88/1,5 degrees
  • Boot centerTrue center -50 mm
  • Length recommendationBody length or longer
  • Year2020
User profile imageAlbin Nordin
En riktigt bra skida. Funkade underbart i offpist och man kunde ha kul i små som stora hopp. Men skidan funkade även finfint i pisten. Jag ser inget dåligt i skidan men kanske inte bästa valet om snötilgångarna är dåliga. Fem av fem stjärnor från mig 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Dec 03, 2019