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X Games Knuckle Huck

X Games Knuckle Huck

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-01-24 12:45

X Games knuckle huck is a new part of X Games this year and the rules are simple. Be creative from the knuckle and throw your best tricks. This is the full broadcast.

Every skier have tried to throw something of the knuckle of a jump and we have seen some inofficial comps of the knuckles. But never in X Games. It's fun to see X Games trying to evolve.

"Every park has a knuckle, every kid could go on and try one of these tricks. It's fun. – Tom Wallisch"

Amoung the athletes we found the Bunch's Peyben & Magnus, fresh off his devastating injury, Torin Yater Wallace, Colby Stevenson, Tom Wallisch (who announced during his runs), Quinn Wolferman, Henrik Harlaut and Alex Hall.

How It’s Judged

1 heat of 8 athletes in a 20-minute jam session, with approximately 5 runs per athlete. Riders are ranked 1-8 based on overall impression. Judges will rank competitors throughout the contest.