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    Winners in the Henrik Harlaut raffle

    Winners in the Henrik Harlaut raffle

    Posted by Simon Tjernström

    Photos by Niklas Eriksson

    2019-05-10 14:59

    The wait has been long and brutal but here are the winners of the Harlaut Icon Sweatshirts.

    The rules where simple. Upload your best images from this winter and Henrik would pick 10 of you. Now the picking has been done.

    The winners are...

    Sam Natvig
    Paul Thiede
    Melvyn Perthuis
    Eric Nieva Verdu
    Sebastian Andreasson
    Pål Corell
    Lucas Blanch
    Albin Bertebo
    Isac Svedin

    harlaut tröjor.jpgIf you have won. E-mail your size, address and phone number straight to Harlaut Apparel at Oscar@harlaut.com. Also send the image you uploaded for verification.

    You can choose between the colors grey, black, yellow or dark green.