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Winner winner cow for dinner

Winner winner cow for dinner

Posted by Julia Örtegren

Photos by Sebastian Dahlström

2019-04-16 13:54

With two well disposed strong runs, Frida Lindgren made it to the top of the podium at her very first start at Ride The Cow in Hemavan.

It was a great fight between the three strongest ski ladies Frida Lindgren, Ida Sivander and Ronja Stenhöös at the freeride competition ”Ride The Cow” this weekend. The winner Frida, who managed to make the highest scores both day one and two has had a really impressive start to her brief freeride career. She started off with a 6th place at the Scandinavian big mountain championships last year, a 2nd place at the FWQ-stop in Glossglockner and now in her third competition she reached her first win.

image3 (2).jpegPhoto: Felix Lundin

— I’m very happy with the competition, the weather was great and it’s a really fun and enjoyable event. I didn’t expect to win, but I knew that I would be able to fight my way through at the top. I haven’t been competing much, but I’ve been skiing all my life, and I’ve also watched quite a few of my boyfriends freeride competitions before I tried it out my self. My tactic was to do a run that I knew I could manage, so I choose my lines in order of my skills, and I found a good balance between challenging myself and still keeping it safe and stable.

Being so new to this type of competition, what are your keys to success?
— I like to discuss my lines and take help from the more experienced riders to make sure I’m choosing a good line for me, and I also heard a good motto that I like to stick to. ”Never do anything that creates an uneasy gut feeling.”

image2 (2).jpegPhoto: Sebastian Dahlström

How has your season been and what are your goals in the future?
— I’m studying my last semester in Umeå, so this winter I’ve been writing on my thesis, which made it possible for me to have two really nice month in St. Anton. My goal is to end the season with a good competition in Riksgränsen, and hopefully I have the possibility to ski a lot next year too. The competitions give me inspiration to push my self a bit extra when I’m out riding, and I like that. It’s fun!