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What the PRO'S eat for breakfast

What the PRO'S eat for breakfast

Posted by Julia Örtegren

Photos by Riders

2019-10-21 12:23

How important is the first meal of the day? We’ve gathered the breakfast habits of some of our favorite athletes. Get inspired or not, but these are ways of starting the day that obviously seem to be working.

If you want to make it more interesting, and we highly recommend you choose this path. You can choose to participate in a fun little game we call "Guess who's breakfast is who's."

How to play "Guess who's breakfast is who's."

  1. Look at the pictures of breakfast
  2. Imaginary note who's breakfast you think is who's
Congratulations, you have now played a game of "Guess who's breakfast is who's."

These are your breakfasties

Sven Thorgren
Oscar Wester
Caroline Strömberg
Reine Barkered
Cody Bramwell

Breakfast 1.

Caroline Strömberg frukost.jpg

Breakfast 2.

Frukost Cody Bramwell.jpg

Breakfast 3.

Oscar Wester frukost.jpg

Breakfast 4.


Breakfast 5.

Kaffe snus.jpg

Breakfast 6.


Alright, well done.

Below are they correct breakfast with belonging breakfasteurs. Let's see how right or wrong you where. IF you where able to score 6 of 6, kudos to you. Contact us in which way you see fit and we'll send you a T-shirt. App app app, remember this is a gentleman's game - no cheating!

Let's see if you're right...

finger pointing down.png


Sven Thorgren - A nutritional bomb

SvenThorgeren.jpeg— My breakfast usually consists of coffee, smoothie, porridge and a boiled egg.

Smoothie: Beetroot, Ginger, Turmeric, Apple, Orange and mix with apple juice.
Porridge: Oatmeal, milk, raisins, banana, nuts with cottage cheese and honey on top.
Eggs: 7min cooking time
Coffee: Black and rich!

Reine Barkered - No coffee before 12

Reinefrukost.jpeg— I’m pretty easy but eggs are important and make you last long. My typical breakfast is a toasted sandwich with avocado, cheese and egg, plus a cup of tea. I never drink coffee before 12 o’clock. When I’m making a less luxury sandwich it’s Falu Rågrut (RyeSquare) with cheese, butter and a boiled egg instead.

Cody Bramwell - The breakfast lover

Frukost Cody Bramwell.jpg—I’m having the exact same breakfast every damn morning, and it’s still the best thing I know crazy enough, haha. I’m longing for breakfast every night, and it’s no joke.

This is what I’m having: Oatmeal porridge made with water and two spoons filled with chia seeds, plus two huge spoons of 100% peanut butter. With this black coffee!


Kaffe snus.jpgThis is our go-to breakfast because it's fast, fun and have everything you need to jump start your day. Coffee and snus is a proven partnership well beyond Starsky and Hutch.

How to do it: Fill your brewer with tap water. Put in a filter and dosage coffee beans to match the number on the side of your brewer. An insider tip is to add one more spoonful of coffee beans "for love." That really puts the exclamation point on the breakfast.

The snus: Firmly bang your box of snus on the inside of your other hand. Open the lid and inhale the sweet aroma desperately. Shove your thumb and index finger into the brown gold. "Scoop up" as much snus as you can under your top left lip with approving humming sound. BOOM, now you're settled until lunch, sometimes dinner. Filled with energy.

We can't stress enough how important it is you put it under your LEFT lip and not your right. For me personally, my whole week would be ruined if I was to put it on the wrong side.

Caroline Strömberg - A Swedish Classic

Caroline Strömberg frukost.jpeg—For me sour milk and muesli is the best breakfast, and I don’t survive without coffee. My freezer is filled with cloudberries that I like to add on top of the muesli.

Oscar Wester - The sweet starter

frukost Oscar Wester 3.jpg—My breakfast consists of vanilla yogurt with crunchy and banana, two toasts with butter and cheese, tea with honey and milk, and a glass of juice.