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    What´s up Sofie Gidlund?

    What´s up Sofie Gidlund?

    Posted by Gustav Corin

    Photos by Johannes Omma, Axel Mossling, FWQ

    2019-08-13 09:29

    sofiegidlund3.JPGSofie Gidlund is a powerful skier from the north, who has begun to really show what she can do on the FWQ-circuit. Dedicated, goal oriented and a former alpine racer, she is a rider to look out for. She doesn’t do anything half assed, everything is full on. Good luck keeping up if you see her on the mountain.


    A lot of places. For example, Kiruna during the summer, Åre this fall and Engelberg later this winter. I don’t have a stable spot in life right now, but Vassijaure is always home.

    Studying Ekoentreprenör (ecological entrepreneur), competing on the FWQ (Freeride World Qualifier) and working in the mine. Enjoying life!

    Favorite skier?
    Many. But I’ve always admired the skiing of Jackie Paaso and Angel Callinson. They inspire me.

    Favorite ski resort?

    Favorite trick?
    360. Maybe that comes from when I used to practice figure skating as a kid.

    Favorite happening in skiing?
    When you’ve stood around and looked at line for what feels like forever, finally crossing the finish line and having skied it the way you set out to. The sensation of having accomplished that challenging and scary thing is unbeatable. The feeling of coming home to Vassijaure/Riksgränsen in the spring, go ski touring, enjoy the wild and just be is also really nice. Contrast is key.

    What are your plans and expectations for the upcoming winter?
    The plan is to have a base in Engelberg and travel around the FWQ comps from there. I have expectations of a happy winter with a lot of snow and skiing. I have put some attention to the mental part of skiing and competing during the summer. It’ll be exciting to see how that will play out and what new paths it will carve. Mostly I just look forward to a lot of skiing, create happiness and learn new things about myself as a skier. A trend I think we’ll see is more ”sustainable skiing”.

    What is are the best things about summer?
    The best thing about summer is to have ”normal” routines for a while. Work, train, eat, see family. The routines during the winter sometimes get very non existing with a lot of travel and competing. I also like being barefoot.

    Text: Gustav Corin
    Foto: Johannes Omma, Axel Mossling, FWQ