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What I can't do without. Cody Bramwell

What I can't do without. Cody Bramwell

Posted by Julia Örtegren

Photos by Julia Örtegren

2019-03-12 13:12

Small gear details can make a huge difference. The more you ride - the more you need your special thing that makes you feel ready. We asked some of the great riders what they can’t do without when they’re out on the mountains.

Cody Bramwell

I can't be without my face mask. I’m wearing it every single day, it doesn’t matter if it’s + 20 degrees or - 20 degrees outside, that thing is on! I actually don’t have any good reason for it besides the obvious, to protect against cold. But why I’m wearing it on oppressively hot days is a good question. I feel naked without it, and it also gives me a feeling of protection. Plus it gives you a kind of "gangsta" look too, haha!

face mask.png