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Want to help keep winters coming back?

Want to help keep winters coming back?

Posted by Ridebrain

2019-04-29 13:34

This winter season is over but hopefully not every winter.

Even though we can watch the glaciers of the world melt in front of our eyes. Very few people tend to do something about it, or change their ways to create a sustainable tomorrow.

Some people devote tons of time, passion and dedication to save the winter for you and me. They are called Protect Our Winters.

pow winters.jpgAs a company and a ski community we want to be able to sleep at night. That's why we have decided to donate 1€ to POW for every person who joins the "Protect Our Winters Sweden" crew here on Ridebrain.

Help us make a change please.

How you do it

1. Download the Ridebrain app

2. Find the Protect Our Winters Sweden crew.

3. Join.