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Top rated Skis according to the community

Top rated Skis according to the community

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-03-23 12:50

The Ridebrain community have reviewed over 3.000 products since december 2019. Over 7.000 reviews on skis, boots, goggles and a bunch of other gear. This is the community's top picks this year.

and the winner is.jpg

1. Atomic Bent Chetler 120

atomic bent chetler 120.pngThe big boss of the new Bent Chetler ski family, the 120 is a freshie-friendly wide ride that will have you hunting the steepest line and the deepest pow. HRZN Tech in the tip and tail give you the most in float with 10% more surface area, less deflection, and better control in chop.

Pure powder. Pure power. Pure fun. This ski isn’t a ski for everybody – but for those skiers we do build it for, we’re sure there’s no better ski on the market.

A Light Woodcore build from tip to tail shaves 10% off of the ski’s weight while a Full Sidewall and Carbon Backbone add strength and stiffness. There’s no skier too skilled for this ripper – for off-piste, heli-skiing or backcountry adventures, it’s going to deliver whatever you demand of it. You’ve never known stoke until you’ve sent it on a pair like these.


Ski Lengths: 176, 184, 192 cm
Tip, Waist, Tail (@ 184 cm): 143, 120, 134 mm
Camber: Flat

Tech Features:

Carbon Backbone
Light Woodcore
HRZN Tech Tip
Glossy Topsheet
More info: Atomic Bent Chetler 120

2. Head Kore 93

Head Kore 93 1.jpgThe perfect transitional ski for dedicated front side carvers who want to start exploring the terrain outside the boundary ropes, the ski offer a versatile mid-width option in the light-but-powerful KORE range.

Head s managed to shave weight in a number of ingenious ways...

From the use of Graphene as a reinforcing agent to the Karuba wood core to the woven polyester topsheet, but this ski is no noodle (hint: it's a Head . Don't worry, the edge grip and stability you crave are still there, but the lure of the sidecountry will shine with a new luster on this popular ski.


Rocker type: Rocker / Camber / Rocker
Core: Karuba Light Wood Core
Sidewall: Sandwich Cap Construction
Turning Radius: 16,4m
Tip, Waist, Tail: 133 - 93 - 115
More Info: Head Kore 93

3. Salomon QST 106

salomon qst 106.pngThis legendary ski is the ultimate freeride ski. It can handle anything you put in front of it and is the most versatile platform they've ever made.
Slash through soft snow, lay trenches in hardpack and conquer the steepest lines without a second thought. The new freeride benchmark is here.


Piste: 17 / 100
Powder: 100 / 100
Skier level: 84 / 100
Practice: Freeride
Norm: Adult
Tip Rocker Profile (%): 25
Tail Rocker Profile (%): 17
More info: Salomon QST 106

4. Extrem Fusion 105 Carbon

extrem fusion 105 carbon.jpgA completely new ski based on the same modern geometry as the award-winning all-mountain model Fusion 95, but with a light-weight and very advanced carbon fibre construction. Extrem have chosen to maximize the performance in terms of edge grip and dampening in relation to weight, instead of focusing solely on minimizing weight and thereby reducing performance.

The result is a playful and freeride-oriented touring ski that handle all types of demanding snow conditions.

Fusion Carbon is built for the skier who wants a light-weight carbon fibre ski with fantastic ski characteristics that also works as a normal freeride ski in a ski resort. This ski is the flagship construction in their range with two layers of pre-preg carbon fiber and pre-preg glass fiber. In order to further decrease the weight, and increase performance, a wood core consisting of snappy poplar and very light paulownia is used together with the ultra-light aerospace material Tubecomb in tip and tail. In 179 cm length the weight is 1610 g per ski.


Lenghts: 172 cm / 179 cm / 186 cm
Tip: 133 / 134 / 136 mm
Waist: 105 mm
Tail: 121 / 122 / 124 mm
Radius: 18 / 19 / 21 m
Weight/ski: 1610 g @ 179 cm
Factory Edge: 88/1,5 degrees
Boot center: True center -80 mm @ 186 cm
More info: Extrem Fusion 105 Carbon

5. CMD The Reaper

cmd the reaper black.pngMuch like what you se on racing skis - the metal is full width - meaning that the laminate is actually pressing against the edges.

This makes the ski surfy and forgiving, never catching edges until you put an angle to the ski and thats when the magic happens, insane edge control, never loosing grip on the ice and hard-pack but easy to speedcheck.

This is a ski that brings a ton of confidence. It makes you want to go really fast and the medium turn-radious encourages you to use the whole slope.


Shape: 129-96-121 mm
Turning radius: 18m (181)
Edges: 2,3 mm
Wood Core: Poplar and beech
More info: CMD The Reaper

6. Atomic Bent Chetler 100

atomic bent chetler 100.pngMeet the most versatile member of the Bent Chetler family. An all-mountain ski with a hunger for fresh snow and untracked territory.

Sized for maximum versatility, the 100mm-underfoot ski is comfortable on the soft or the hard, delivering unbelievable fun no matter the conditions.

It’s got maximum float for its size from the extra 10% of surface in the tip and tail, with less deflection and more control in cruddy snow. A Light Woodcore from tip to tail keeps weight down, while the Full Sidewall offers controlled power transmission and great edge grip. For the adventurous skier who knows not every day is a powder day, this versitile ride is a ski that brings you both consistently impressive performance in a variety of conditions, while packing a hidden punch for the best days of the year.

Ski Lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188 cm
Tip, Waist, Tail (@ 180 cm): 129,5, 100, 120 mm
Weight (@180cm): 1700g

Tech features

Full Sidewall
Directional Shape
Light Woodcore
HRZN Tech Tip & Tail
Structured Topsheet
More info: Atomic Bent Chetler 100