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      Third season for Snowboardpodden

      Third season for Snowboardpodden

      Posted by Julia Örtegren

      Photos by Emrik jansson & Philip Alexandersson

      2019-08-01 18:54

      Photo Emrik Jansson

      Snowboardpodden is a Swedish podcast for snowboard lovers of all kinds. If you haven’t yet listened, now is the perfect time to sit back in a sun chair, put your headphones in, and catch up on two seasons filled with snowboard culture and stoke. And for you who look forward to new episodes. A third season is on it’s way this fall.

      th-switchup_01_13.jpg Photo: Philip Alexandersson

      The founder of Snowboardpodden Joel Söderström (34) used to hate winters when he grew up in Hälsingland. All he wanted to do was to ride motocross until he found snowboarding for real, in his early teens. It wasn’t just the riding that appealed. It was the whole culture, the playful vibe and the relaxed social context that became unbeatable and a nice contrast to his serious motocross competitions. Today Joel lives in Åre, working with snowboard equipment since many years back, and it’s definitely fair to call him a real nerd when it comes to his sport. A super nice and social nerd, who started Snowboardpodden to share snowboard inspiration, highlight the culture and put different profiles in the spotlight that they deserve.

      —I wanted to create a shortcut into the Scandinavian snowboard culture and make it more easily accessible for those who are interested. Snowboard is normally very inclusive, but it can be hard for them who ride one week a year to really get in to the culture, Joel says.

      The start of a podcast was also a reaction to the media landscape with short clips and a constant flow of fast material through social media.

      — I felt that there was a lack of deep and substantive material about snowboarding. Most of what you find now is shorter clips, so I wanted to contribute with a platform where you can get to know the riders and the culture on a deeper level, he explains.

      th-switchup_01_1.jpg Photo: Philip Alexandersson

      Snowboardpodden is mainly focused on Swedish snowboarding, but international guests like Eddie Wall and snowboard designer Jackson Tupper also occur in the first two seasons.

      — There are so many Swedish people that have done a lot for the sport. They deserve recognition, so I want to highlight the Swedish snowboard scene first of all, but also mix it up with unexpected fun international guests.

      Successful start

      The first two seasons has been more successful than Joel had thought, doing this work totally non-profitable. There are often between 1000 - 2000 unique listeners for each episode and the profile of the guest has varied from different areas of snowboarding with names like Stefan Karlsson, Marina Minetti, Niklas Matsson, Abbe & Theo Hjellström, Martina Larsson, Jakob Wilhemsson and Anna Vister to name a few.

      The third season is going to keep the same concept as the first two, but Joel is also looking at finding new angles and including more theme related episodes.

      When is the third season coming?

      — I’m not totally sure, it will be sometime this fall. It’s a bit loose with the dates but I will update that later on Instagram. I already have two episodes ready to go, but I’m riding my bike down the mountains right now, so I have to wait a bit longer before the snowboard season can kick in.

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