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The winter is gone but Ridebrain stays right here

The winter is gone but Ridebrain stays right here

Posted by Ridebrain

Photos by Ridebrain

2019-05-13 08:17

We just wanted to say thank you and wish you a pleasant summer. And tell you that your friends at Ridebrain will keep on keeping on, aaaaall thru out the summer.

This winter has blown our minds. We set out to create a fun app for skiers to connect to each other, but we didn’t expect so many of you to share our idea. It’s truly amazing and we’re more than happy.

But we are far from done. If you want to help us build something really cool you can easily help us out.

You can create spots, but also add pictures, insider tips and ratings if you have visited a spot. That way you can help your fellow skiers who want to know more about the world of skiing.

Create a crew and invite your friends!

If you want to discuss something and hear what other people think. This is where you do so.

But we are also eager to keep getting better and build something truly fantastic. In a matter of weeks we’re releasing video, which means you can share moving images with one another. Stay tuned for that.

oh-my-god video.jpg
But that is just a fraction of greatness compared to what we will drop next fall. But to make it more fun, we’ll keep that a secret.

If you wanna tell us we suck, we rule or if we are average. You can always drop us a line on