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The Sit-skier who launched Corbet's Couloir

The Sit-skier who launched Corbet's Couloir

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-02-14 09:01

Trevor Kennison took the world by storm when jumpinf of the nose of Corbet’s Couloir with his sit-ski.

The Kings & Queens of Corbet’s pushes the boundaries of what’s possible on snow. Trevor Kennison expanded those boundaries even further by being the first person to send the nose of Corbet’s Couloir on a sit-ski. His run instantly took the action sports world by storm and launched his career as an athlete and advocate for adaptive sports. Watch as Trevor opens up about his life-altering injury and his journey to the Kings & Queens of Corbet’s with Travis Rice and friends.

This was during last year's Kings & Queens of Corbet’s, but well worth watching again and again. Last weekend the contest was held again, with images of Sam Kuch being the legacy of the craziness going down in Jackson Hole.