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    The future of Marcel Hirscher

    The future of Marcel Hirscher

    Posted by Simon Tjernström

    2019-09-25 16:25

    After a record resume of eight consecutive total World Cup titles and 67 individual races won. The decision that Marcel Hirscher would leave the alpine racing circuit took a choke hold on the world of skiing. His future have since then, early september, been the topic of speculation. We wanted to progress the positions and visualize what it could look like...

    AP-21FKWS7MN1W11_news.jpgPhoto: Sebastian Marko / Red Bull Content Pool
    With an average of nines wins per season, many thought it would be Hirscher, not Vonn or Schiffrin, to brake Ingemar Stenmarks long standing record of 86 titles.

    At the mere age of 30 and not to affected by injuries past, Marcel is now facing a blank canvas that soon will be the painting of his future.

    Marcel "Grillscher" Hirscher

    All elite athletes level of protein intake far exceeds that of a regular schmucks. If you been an top WC racer for 12 years - you du the math. It can be hard to switch from 243 ponds of ground cougar beef and oxe dicks per day to a "fresh salad" and peas in a minute.

    Marcel Grill.jpg

    Marcel "Hacker" Hirscher

    Most top athletes testify to the fact that the edge of competition is what is missing after they have retired. We have seen tons and tons of example of past athletes struggling with gambling addiction. These days you can easily get your nerves playing the boogaloo just by playing point and shoot games.

    Marcel Hacker.jpg

    Marcel "Beefcake" Hirscher

    Since Marcel squatted 418 pounds at the age of four and popped his cherry with a dumbbell not much later. It is fair to say he has good routine pumping iron. Since his attraction with the ladies (yes, we know he has a wife) will decrease with 13,7 % each year. Maybe it's possible the gym will be his sanctuary.
    Marcel beefcake.jpg
    But as many sport profiles before him, he'll probably put his name on a bunch of vacuum cleaners and slippers, make a million euros and slowly.


    Slowly fade out of startdom into regular life.

    Marcel regular joe.jpg