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      The best Ski Touring Boots of 2019/20

      The best Ski Touring Boots of 2019/20

      Posted by Gustav Corin

      Photos by Ridebrain

      2019-07-14 11:46

      Buying boots is never as easy as it should be. But they need to fit well. They’re arguable the most important part of your equipment. Go to an experienced boot fitter, get your feet measured up properly and go from there. These are a few recommendations for ski touring without compromising downhill performance.

      Dalbello Lupo Carbon Factory

      The do-it-all-boot above all. With these boots you can charge as hard as you possibly dare to. If a three piece boot fits your foot, there are no stiffer options. Full carbon cuff, Grilamid shell and different stiffnes of tongues. Add that to a really nice walk mode, 65° if you remove the tongue.

      The total weight is 1850 gram, which is quite a lot for this kind of boot. But not compared to the traditional two piece alpine boots that rival the Lupo in down hill performance. This is a common boot among young and crazy seasonaires, who need one boot for everything. If they fit, maybe give them a try?

      Flex: 130+
      Sizes: 24,5 - 29,5
      Weight: 1850 gram (with tongue, 1625 without) (26,5)

      More info here: Dalbello Lupo Factory Carbon ID

      Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

      These black and yellow babies are really light. At 1340 grams per boot, it’s one of the lightest two piece boots ever. At least in adult sizes. It’s quite an achievement actually, especially considering it performs really well, all over the mountain.

      Carbon infused Grilamid in cuff and lower shell, combined with a pretty thin liner and nice grippy sole. Walkmode is a beautiful 55°, all of which is available right away without any modifications. They are nice and small on your feet, and they’re all around pretty low volume. If you walk a lot, but want to ski hard on light equipment, these are for you.

      Flex: 130
      Sizes: 22,0 - 31,0
      Weight: 1340 gram (26,5)

      More info here: Tecnica Zero G Tour Pro

      Fischer Ranger Free 130

      Fischers burliest touring boot is back for another season. With low volume, and very sleek walk mode and stiffness galore, this is a recipe for success. At 1550 grams per boot, it’s not exactly heavy weight either, although not as light as some of the lightest 130-flexers out there.

      The walk mode lever is integrated into the top buckle, and can be hard to find at first. But after a while it’s as smooth as ever. 55° of articulation is plenty for most skiers touring for great skiing. This is a boot if your foot is low volume, you like thick liners and a classic two piece boot flex.

      Flex: 130
      Sizes: 25,5 - 39,5
      Weight: 1590 gram (27,5)

      More info here: Fisher ranger free

      Dynafit Hoji Free

      The ’Free’ epithet has landed in the Dynafit model range as well! The celebrated Hoji gets proper toe welts and an ISO 9523 certification. It’s also a little stiffer than the non-free model, described to be around flex 130.

      Still with the incredible walk mode and patented ”Hoji-lock”, this might be what we all have been waiting for. Ski boots that tour better than some lighter and weaker models, but ski like they didn’t even have a walk mode. Then there’s the added smoothness of only having to operate one lever in changing from uphill to downhill, or vise versa.

      Flex: 130
      Sizes: 25,0 - 29,5
      Weight: 1550 gram (26,5)

      More info here: Dynafit hoji free

      Scarpa Maestrale XT

      The Maestrale RS has been a successful ski touring boot for a few years, and for the coming season Scarpa is following it up with the Maestrale XT. Stiffer, burlier, higher, and just more of everything. Two buckles on the cuff instead of one, and a Booster®-strap up top.

      Make no mistake though, these boots are made for walking. The walk mode is very good indeed. It’s a walk anywhere all day type of boot. Works well with lighter skis and bindings, but matchable with heavier stuff as well. With a near 130 flex, they’re not exactly shy on the way down either.

      Flex: 130+
      Sizes: 24,5 - 32
      Weight: 1500 (27,0)

      More info here: Scarpa Maestrale

      DSC00137.JPGSkier: Edwin Olsson
      Photo: Ridebrain