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      Thanks for everything Kaj & Sverre

      Thanks for everything Kaj & Sverre

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by Alexander Klun

      2019-09-30 08:07

      Each night a new moon rises and each autumn people poor booze in their coffee. A Kask. But tonights moon will watch a somewhat lesser earth since the company KASK is no more.

      After fights with Italian Kask (founded later) who produce helmets for skiers and bikers among others, the duo Sverre Liliequist and Kaj Zackrisson decided to sell their brand after 18 years. To the other company named Kask.


      Thank you Kaj & Sverre for these years with Kask. Skiing and life wouldn’t be the same without you.

      But much like pure energy - it can’t be destroyed. Only transformed. The duo is heading for a new adventures together, under the name of their catchphrase ”Live a Little.”

      We caught up with Mr. Duracel - Kaj Zackrisson - to hear what his best memories from the 18 years with KASK is. Many laughs later my abdominal muscles function again.

      Kaj's memories 1.

      "The great years with KASK was spend on the road. The pictures of us sitting in a van nitting isn’t all staged. That was the reality since we traveled so frequently and had to come up with designs.
      The first four years we doubled both our collection and volume. Each year. One year we sold 60.000 beanies.."


      Kaj's memories 2.

      "One of the greatest trips was when we traveled Japan together. Our distributer in Japan had arranged a roap trip thru all off Japan. We skied all day every day, visited stores. I think it was 2008, the year before Tres Bonne Equippe, and it was the greatest trip ever."


      Kaj's memories 3.

      ”We had that pattern - Sick Bird. It was the first pattern we made and we noticed each year - that pattern is ALWAYS selling the best. After a few years we said to each other, we have to kill the bird. So we took the ugliest combination of colors we could think of to end it once and for all. It turned into our best selling pice EVER! We couldn’t kill the sick bird - the sick bird is forever."

      IMG_0548.PNGFarewell KASK, it’s been a blast. If you want to know what their new project Live a Little. News will drop here on Ridebrain. Or just visit Sverre Liliequist’s profile in the Ridebrain app.