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    Sverre Liliequist’s new ride

    Sverre Liliequist’s new ride

    Posted by Ridebrain

    2018-12-13 12:59

    Fischer skis have joined forces with Swedish legend and big mountain ripper Sverre Liliequist. With a much celebrated freeride line Fischer wanted to bring in experience to further develop their free ski gear.
    – It’s fun they’re looking for experience and contacting me. Makes me feel appreciated and eager to give something back.
    Sverre detonated like a bomb on the free ski scene in the 90s and introduced himself with a massive air in Chamonix. An image still stuck in many peoples mind. Which later earned him air of the year at Powder photo annual.
    ”I still give a 100% - it’s a way of life.”
    20 years later he’s still one of the world's most known skiers. Especially since he went more viral than Kim Kardashian when he backfliped in front of an avalanche during his own competition, Skiers Cup in Zermatt. Many are those who are wondering what fountain of youth Sverre has been tapping.

    With his recent move to Åre from Bullshit City (Stockholm) we hope to see him leave his mark on Swedens number one mountain.