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      Summer skiing with Wille Lindberg

      Summer skiing with Wille Lindberg

      Posted by Julia Örtegren

      Photos by Julia Örtegren

      2019-06-07 16:53

      Are you already missing the winter? No worries there are plenty of opportunities to ski all through the summer.

      For some of us, the stoke to ski doesn’t just disappear because the seasons are changing. But where do you find the best skiing experiences during the summer? We’ve asked free skier legend Wille Lindberg to reveal some of his favorite spots.

      skitouring Norge.jpg
      Willes top five tips for summer skiing!

      1. Folgefonna, Norway:
        — I like it a lot because I’ve been there so much and know the area really well. The glacier is great but if you go in the end of may or beginning of June there are also great ski touring opportunities all around the area. Ski and sail is also a favorite activity of mine nowadays.

      2. Riksgränsen, Sweden:
        —I grew up in Riksgränsen and used to ski as long as possible every summer. The lifts usually close around midsummer, and the surroundings are beautiful. The midnight sun skiing is a magic experience and there are endless mountains for ski touring around. You also have great heli-skiing up there.

      3. Saas-Fee, Switzerland:
        —It´s hard to beat the combo of having a great glacier to ski on during the day and then go down to full summer for your after ski down in the in the village.

      4. Wanaka, New Zealand:
        — I’ve actually not been there my self, but I have to put it on the list since I’ve heard so many good stories about if from friends. Crazy beautiful, good skiing, a different culture and surf opportunities not too far away.

      5. Travel without stress:
        — Now days I’m actually enjoying to have a bit of a break from skiing in the summer. My last advice is to go away for a longer period of time and try something different. If I go on a surf trip I like to have plenty of time to get in to the rhythm of the place, and not plan to much. It gives you the possibility to enjoy, see and experience more. That’s advice for a good ski vacation too.