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Start Ski Touring Next Season - Here’s How

Start Ski Touring Next Season - Here’s How

Posted by Gustav Corin

Photos by Niklas Strandanäs

2019-07-04 08:28

Yes. You guessed it right. This is pure propaganda, to get you to start ski touring next winter. Or splitboarding if that’s what floats you boat.

Here’s the thing, the more people there are in the back country, the more tracks and the more potential for dangerous situations. So really, we wouldn’t want more skiers out there. At least not from a egoistic point of view.

But for you, the one reading this, it’s a different thing. You deserve to have the opportunity to ski untracked snow every day. To enjoy the beautiful nature. The pristine landscape, the silence and the beauty if the mountains around. It’s unmatchable. A nice ski tour in good weather is amazing no matter how the skiing actually is.

L1100109.jpgSkier: Daniel Svedlund
Photo: Niklas Strandanäs

You can get to the top of mountains, look at the view and enjoy the skiing on the way down. But you can also just pull over somewhere in the forest wherever the snow looks good. Walk up, ski down. Have a good time. There are no rules to ski touring, except staying safe.

Okey, so getting to that point might be a bit hard. Starting out, it’s difficult to know where to go safely, and all the gear is pretty expensive. And to enjoy the actual walk, your boots need to fit well, your equipment needs to be light, and you need to have some endurance abilities. It does take some effort.

Start by borrowing skis with tech bindings, and a pair of boots with a nice walk mode. Walk uphill anywhere. Join forces with someone who’s done it before, and don’t stress. Be amazed about how easy it actually is with purpose designed gear.

Then do it more. And more. People who don’t like ski touring haven’t done it enough. Generally at least. It’s an easy thing to say of course, that you should just do it more. A little harder to put into action. The absolute best tip is to find friends who already go touring a lot, and tag along. If you can’t do that, convince some of your friends to start touring with you.
skitouring Norge.jpg
Buying gear is always complicated, and over the followings weeks we will give you some pointers here at Ridebrain. But for now, there is loads of stuff on the second hand market. Start scouting right away, it’s cheaper in the summer time.

Once you’ve ventured into the mountains a few times, done a couple of avalanche courses and maybe a wilderness first aid course, the world is at your feet. Skiing is so much more than ski

  • Try out with a more experienced friend
  • Get some used gear. Boots you might need to get new.
  • Learn about avalanches
  • Enjoy the amazing scenery
  • Experience great skiing
  • Never look back

Please be careful out there. See you in the skin track.

Avalanche courses: