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      Spektrum and the corn made goggle

      Spektrum and the corn made goggle

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-03-23 10:55

      GEARCHECK. This fully featured top-of-the-line goggle built in plant-based materials comes with magnetic lens exchange system.

      Strap outriggers that ensures a great fit with your helmet and an unsurpassed field of vision helps you spot that elusive landing during advanced spins or just to have full control of your surroundings during your ride.

      More info about Spektrum Östra.

      Spektrum Östra won a gold award at ISPO 2020 for their work towards more sustainable ski and snowboard goggles.

      Video Transcript

      Hi there. I'm David from spectrum, eh, it's a Swedish company and I'm working as sales international or sales Europe. I'm responsible for the Australian and Italian markets. And here we have the new model Astra. The one is [inaudible] gold award.


      so I'm here with David from spectrum or the Swedish Goggle Brown who won an award for their new Goggle. Extra. Congratulations. Thank you. So, uh, tell me a little bit more about it. Yeah, our new Gogo Astra, it's made of biomaterial. We tried to skip the ordinary plastics in our regardless. So the frames are made out of cornstarch and the plastic parts are from castor beans. So it's from the like plant-based material and the straps are re recyclable polyester and the metal is recycled metal. So 64% of the Gaga is in biomaterial. Is it more expensive, um, dealing with those materials or harder to get ahold of or no, we're trying to be something like have something in the middle, so not too expensive and not a cheap one. And we have different lines where we're premium line and essential line and, and depending on the lenses, we have different prices.

      But you have a quite qualitative lens, right? Of course. We use lenses from call size. Uh, it's an Italian, eh, company. And in order to best quality, and we have two lenses in all of our, our goggles. So two, two size lenses and some of the models has these sites on Orleans, that's even better. Eh, it's the sonar technology that makes the contrast even better when you ski or snowboard or the rides. That sounds quite amazing for a Flatlight, I presume. And of course we, the company is from aura, so when it's Flatlight we used to ski in sports, snowboarding, flashlight. So we need a really good lens. So it's named as strap. Talk a little bit. Why, why that is, eh, all of our models, eh, have names from our area or, so Australia's a famous like area in wherever you can ski and uh, it's a part of the mountain or a town.

      So that's why we chose Esther on this one. So how does it feel to win a gold award here? Dispo as a, I must say smaller Brown. It's pretty amazing for us. It will take us to new step in this market. And you chose a magnetic lens? Yeah, exactly. We added, because we have two lenses in our, all our goggles to have the best visibility even though it's sunny or if it's cloudy or whiteout then you have to change lens and it should be easy and quick. So we asked taking them out and change the lens and put the new one in and like this and it shouldn't be too, too easy because then it will pop when you, uh, if you're tumble or something. So we added two plastic like rescue part here and a security and it won't pop. When you, if you tumble, you choose a specific helmets to uh, work on the fit for a Goggle or, uh, how do you decide that?

      We try to make them fit to like most of the helmets on the market, but it depends on if you have a big head or a small head. But we have a lot of different bottles to fit. If you have a small head you should wear one model and if you have bigger head you can wear at another. How do you work with the preventing fog and we have double lenses in all our goggles inside the interland so it's an anti-fog system and it's really, really good. So how many lenses can you buy that fits with this cargo? This one, it comes from next year, so I don't know exactly how many lenses we have at the moment. I think we have four or five lenses for this one. If you ask yourself personally what's up, what are the like two or three key features to a good Goggle? At first the visibility, you should have a really good lens. That's the first people looking at and a great fit if it does fit, doesn't fit your helmet or a face. You won't buy a goggles. So that why we use a nice foam and good lenses and then the next step is the material. If you have a great material that no other brand has and eh, it's good for the environment, then it's a plus. Ryan, thanks a lot. Thank you so much.