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Skiing is so hot right now

Skiing is so hot right now

Posted by David Diggler

2020-03-27 15:44

With todays endless rantings about right or wrong, or how a government or tourist attraction should act during the start of a pandemic. Only one thing is proven beyond reasonable doubt - Skiing is so hot right now.

While some are trembling in their man made bomb shelters, munching away at canned food. With their only enjoyment being going to the shitter once in awhile. A big part of the population took this unexpected relieve of office duty to do what they love the most - go skiing.

"You can take my job, but don't touch my skiing"

While the ski industry is right now gasping for air (financially) with big effects to follow - the population of Sweden - is gone skiing. Pretty much the whole planet have closed their ski slopes, but in the small mountain town in northern Sweden - it’s business as usual. Åre is seeing one of their best seasons this year. The number of February blue birds must been a record. The previous holidays where ones for the record books.

Never have their been a hard time finding parking in Åre in between the holidays. The lunch restaurants are crowded for this time of year. And the mountain is just fantastic.

This makes you wonder how many people live their life longing for those few weeks of skiing each year? Despite doubt about what this new thing is and what it can do to our society (or world). The people's skiing here in Sweden is non negotiable.

Nobody knows what the future has in store for us humans. The past months have made that pretty clear. But one can help to smile over the fact that so many people cherish going skiing.

The world might never be the same again, but skiing is so hot right now.