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Skiing conditions in Åre right now

Skiing conditions in Åre right now

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2019-11-06 11:22

Even though we reported about the first powder turns of the season a couple of weeks ago, it hasn't been all faceshots and smiles since then.

But since last week, the snow conditions have gotten really good, really fast and you can score consecutive powder turns higher up, and still ski fairly lower down.

November 4

Here is Henrik Windstedt, captured by David Kantermo two mornings ago. Enjoying long powder runs on a closed mountain.


November 3

Tom-Oliver Hedvall was kind enough to share his first turn of the season with the Ridebrain community. This is Skäckerfjällen, 50 km northwest of Åre, close to the Norwegian border. The conditions according to Tom, "surprisingly good."

November 2

The editorial departement of Ridebrain have tried out the new white as well. Julia Örtegren claimed she got "40 consecutive turns of good powder snow" four days ago.

November 4

Henrik Windstedt posing the other morning, in the first rays of the day. Just coming home from barrels and banana pancakes in Bali.

Oh, and by the way. We heard rumors the lifts are about to open in a few days.