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      Ski legend in gay scandal

      Ski legend in gay scandal

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by X Games

      2019-10-15 11:45

      Norways most well known freeskier Andreas Håtveit have arisen from retirement into the limelight. But it's not his park skiing that is of focus of late.

      "You can't have someone who eats meat as an instructor at a vegan camp either, the former skiers further sums up his opinions."
      Andreas Håtveit - a lifelong Christian - have threaten to boycott the christian camp KRIK (where he is a coach) after their decision to let gay people coach.

      – I understand that we need leaders and depend on people lining up, but I think the most important thing is that leaders are firmly rooted in the faith, says Andreas to dagens.no

      Andreas Håtveit have pioneered Norwegian freeskiing and has become a household name within the ski crazy nations borders. With five X Games medals and a top five finish at the Sochi Olympics, he is considered Norways biggest freeskier thus far.

      – I would not have had trouble sending my kids to a ski camp with gay coaches. But the conflict arises when there is a Christian context. Jesus is super clear on this in the Bible. Therefore, a homosexual, or one who has sex outside of marriage for that matter, cannot be an instructor at a Christian camp. Simply because it doesn't match the Bible and Christian values, Andreas furthers explains to FriFlyt.

      – You can't have someone who eats meat as an instructor at a vegan camp either, the former skiers sums up his opinions.

      The debacle began when the government decided that "KRIK should lift the marriage between man and woman as God's good arrangement for cohabitation". In addition, they must respect that “our leaders may have a different view and practice than KRIK on this issue. Therefore, cohabitation should not be decisive as to whether you can be a volunteer leader at KRIK camp.”

      This hot topic in the christian community will be debated in the General Assembly Christian Sports Contact (KRIK) in Skien on November 2