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      Ride with Sverre this spring

      Ride with Sverre this spring

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by Ridebrain

      2020-02-24 14:01

      Many people have tried to attack the mountain with the same carefreeness and grace as Sverre Liliequist. No one have succeeded - Now you can try.

      All jokes aside. This spring. To be more precise - the 1st of April - you have the chance to share turns with Sverre. All you have to do is buy something in our Gear Shop.

      "I always love showing people good skiing. It's not much different from my normal days, except i get the chance to talk to new people" - Sverre Liliequist.

      pssst ride with sverre.jpgFew freeskiers in the world, have made a bigger impact in the world of skiing than Sverre Liliequist. After decades on the mountain, the passion that led him there in the first place is still intact and flourishing.

      That's why there is no one better to share a day on the mountain with. We call it infectious skiing.

      – The Ridebrain guys, who are soft launching their Gear Shop, thought it would be a great idea to ride with me as an add on to a purchase. I don't know how good idea it really is but I'm sure it will be a fun day, haha, says Sverre.


      We are soft launching our Gear Shop as we speak. That means that you can buy stuff right here at Ridebrain.

      You can't buy all gear yet, just a selected few items from our 10.000 products big Gear Shop. But we are working hard, making all gear for sale. Our ambition is that every gear imaginable will be for sale on Ridebrain this autumn.

      To compensate you can't buy everything, we are offering ALL you people who decide to buy something a day you will never forget.

      The 1st of April, Sverre Liliequist will show you his sweet spots in Åre. For a day you can here stories from the legendary freerider, all while enjoying the sweet easter snow.

      Inforuta kampanj sverre.jpg
      • When: 1st April 09-13
      • Where: Meet outside of Kabinbanan, Åre
      • How: Bring your skis and we'll take care of the rest
      • Why: Celebrate our Gear Shop opening

      The shop is found under GEAR SHOP on top of the page.

      Sverre showing us childhood memories

      Sverre Liliequist in Åre