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Return to Send'er - Individual parts

Return to Send'er - Individual parts

Posted by Simon Tjernström

Photos by Matchstick Productions

2019-10-24 10:27

Matchstick Productions just dropped the individual parts from upcoming movie Return to Send'er premiering November 1st.

The skills, backstories and mindsets of four elite freeskiers - a renowned veteran, a stunning rookie, a mind-blowing innovator and a big mountain star carrying on his father’s legacy - are all captured in oversized personal segments based largely around each skier’s home turf.

Yep, we know we know. It's not all the shots that will be displayed in the movie but good enough for a gray October day still. I'm I right?

If you only got a minute, skip down to Karl Fostvedt's part and enjoy what I describe as controlled chaos on snow. Very amusing!

Mark Abma

Karl Fostvedt

Logan Pehota

Sam Kuch

Shot on Location: Selkirk Tangiers BC, Whistler BC, Revelstoke BC, Jackson Hole WY, Squaw Valley CA, Sun Valley ID and Whitewater Resort BC.