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      Olympic sensation auctions her skis on Ebay

      Olympic sensation auctions her skis on Ebay

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-02-04 15:19

      Elizabeth "Liz" Swaney, famous for her 2018 Olympic debacle have decided to auction out her skis used in PyeongChang on Ebay. The starting bid is set at 5.000 $.

      If you aren't familiar with Liz Swaney, she was an american who swapped nationality to Hungary to compete in the Olympics.

      She did amaze the big crowds following the competition from around the world, but not in the old fashioned way however.

      Her performance quickly became an internet sensation with no end to it. Estimates says variations of her qualification run has been viewed by over 20 million.

      Liz Swaneys famous Olympic video

      True or not I don't know but rumors has it that Armada is looking to buy the skis of her, to destroy them and make sure the brand isn't connected to her anymore. Probably just a goof but anyways...

      Liz Swaney defends her Olympic placement

      The auction is up and running so get in there and get a piece of the action. There are 0 bids so far.

      You can find the auction here: Bid on Liz Swaney's skis