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    Olle Regnér. East Cove Powerhouse

    Olle Regnér. East Cove Powerhouse

    Posted by Simon Tjernström

    Photos by Anton Enerlöv

    2019-03-12 14:53

    The powerhouse Olle Regnér is a force majeure on a pair of skis. Nobody handles the Scandinavian terrain better than the tall man from Östersund [Åoustääeersååoond in local tounge].

    His personality roots deep down the loam of west Jämtland - some would even call him a “surjämte.” Assuming the worst and heavily underestimating himself is his bread and butter.

    But he is also as brilliant as brilliant gets. With a technique few can match, executed with the power of a A-bomb.

    "I worked on the Head test center and told everybody rocker skis was just a fad."

    When the O-bomb detonates and strikes right - few can match him down the mountain.

    Raised on a pair of skis, Henrik Windstedt was his role model growing up. Despite the fact he got to witness Henrik first hand growing up, it took the O-Bomb 20 something years to find other surface than sheer ice and groomers.

    "One of Sweden's absolut top skiers. He grew up on shit fuck conditions sp he can handle anything. I think Olle have been somewhat dogged by misfortune, since he is so great but never got super results besides NM." Henrik Windstedt on Olle Regnér.

    – My dad tricked my mom into moving to Jämtland just for a year - but it turned into 20. We had relatives in Åre and Duved so we ended up spending every weekend in Åre. So I been riding there since I was a kid. Started competing in alpine racing which I ended up doing until I was 19.

    "There and then it started - A life long relationship with nervousness and puking."

    – I hated to compete but liked the training part of racing. I was close to quitting a number of times.

    As mandatory as the “Grönan burger” is the sound of Olle puking on top of Nordals during NM. It all started in Almåsa.

    – I remember one time specifically. I was 12 years old and was competing in Almåsa. I remember I felt sick and threw up a little in my mouth. There and then it started - a life long relationship with nervousness and puking.

    Even though he claims there isn’t a single result to be proud over, and I quote: “There is NOTHING to brag about from my racing career. My senior year I DNFd 10 out 11 slalom races. The tenth was SM where I had to climb uphill to finish the race.” We beg to differ since he did four years at the ski gymnasium. He must have done something right.

    Olle_4447.jpgAfter school he moved to Åre and spend his time struggling with being an ex racer without any gates to smash.

    – My first winter [2010 Editor’s note] I rode a couple of GS skis from December to March. Everybody else rode the K2 Hellbent those days, and I remember thinking they’re all idiots. I worked the Head test center and told everybody Rocker was just a fad...

    Later that spring he got his first pair of freeride skis. Him and Mattias Rönngren started shredding the whole mountain in Åre and two years later he made it up to his first freeride comp - NM.

    That prior winter he went to the alps for the first time where he jumped his first cliff.

    – We jumped some super flat cliff in Engelberg and when we got home Mattias and I talked about jumping Östra Ravin. I had never seen anybody do it so we watched old shaky Åkarklubben videos filmed with a crappy gopro.

    – I went there on a lunchbrake, jumped it and ATE SHIT. I must have tomahawked down to the bottom of Susa.

    Since then Olle have evolved into the power house we all enjoy to watch today. Lucky for us we get to see him and his brother quite often under the stage name “Does Your Brother Ski on youtube.”

    "I don't understand why everybody's going to Japan. I will never go to Japan again."

    The filming part is something Olle wants to evolve down the line. The brothers have stacked a bunch of material on various places the last couple of weeks. One of the places was Revelstoke where the photographer Grant Gunderson claimed he “never seen this crappy snow in 30 years,” and Olle is pretty sure what the reason for that is.

    – It’s just because me and Carl was there.

    – But after that we went to Whitewater in Nelson and that was the best ski resort I have ever visited. You could reach everything just by skinning for 20 minutes and the tree runs where soooo damn good.

    – I don’t understand why everybody’s going to Japan. I will never go to Japan again.