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      MY GEAR. Sverre Liliequist

      MY GEAR. Sverre Liliequist

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2019-03-17 17:35

      The forever young freerider Sverre Liliequist have more experience of big mountains than a squad of young rippers. The man have done it all but is still hungry to be out and push the limits.

      He has gone viral, been caught in avalanches, jumped cliffs the size of mountains and skied where no man thought it was possible to ski.
      This is Sverre Liliequist and his gear.

      Video Transcript

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:00:07] OK so this is the ski I use most of the time. Its the Fisher hundred fifteen FR.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:00:14] FR for stands for more freeride oriented. So it's really playful and hundred fifteen under the foot. Obviously. It's airtech technology which means it's pretty light in the front and in the back. So therefore I can also use this one alot and also when I'm skittouring. And I think I'd do maybe 80 percent nowadays on touring bindings.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:00:38] So this works really fun really well. In most conditions.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:00:44] This particular ski have an 188 version and I mounted it about three and a half centimeters forward. And.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:00:53] How to figure that out. I always just put the skis down in the ski room and step on it and stand on it and walk back in front them when I feel the position I look and then I mark. Normally. It's close to what they recommend but on this ski it was three and a half cm forward.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:01:13] I really like this yellow base. It makes a big difference in the picture sometimes. Add some flavor in that. So good power energy color too. I grew up as a ski racer so I'm used to having pretty stiff boots. So this is a little bit of a change for me to go on the touring boots like this. Ranger Free 130 flex but it's another plastic it's a Grilamid lightweight plastic which is pretty stiff but it makes it different compared to the race boots so. It's a. Turning point for me. But. To get a little bit more support I put some plates both in the back in the front and this power strap. So they ski pretty well now.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:02:00] And the sweet thing about this is the easy access walking mode. So for being a mix between a really good ski boot and a touring booth. This comes in one thousand five hundred sixty grams which is pretty light in my opinion and width ninetynine so it's.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:02:24] Pretty roomy for your feet. You can stay out all day without getting too cold. On your toes. The good thing about this Grilamid plastic is that it stays the same in every condition. Today it's pretty. Cold out here but when it's warmer it's still pretty supportive. So yes. Buckle up. Pretty much the same way. Okay this is my ski poles. Kang poles. Out of Sweden. I really like it. It's pretty bulky wide but super light.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:02:56] This is the carbon version but they also do bamboo. I use both of them really nice and slick and strap up here so you can adjust just by pulling here. Or releasing like this. So I think the poles it's pretty important for your gear. Sometimes it's just the balance thing but still if you want to feel good and have a good tight set up and this one makes a big difference for me. I like these poles a lot.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:03:22] I always use of course the transceiver and I use to wear it in my pocket depending on what kind of pocket you have. But if it's a pocket that can't get ripped off. It. Fits really good. Well here and you cant hurt your ribs or anything if you're wearing it up here and if I'm in an avalanche that are going to pull these pants off me. I think it's going to be trouble anyway. But this is nice and protected here. And I also have the backpack more more or less around it. So it's really a safe spot for me.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:03:57] So I use this one - the Pulse Barryvox tranceiver. I've been with J. LIndeberg for years now and I am really happy to see their progression towards what I'm doing on the mountain. Functionality. I always ski with a Shell. Shell jacket and Shell pants. And this particular one has GoreTex on it and. Yeah. What can you say. Looking good.

      Sverre Liliequist: [00:04:24] Today here in Åre I choose to use this as a day pack. The good thing about this it's really easy to get. It's a Evoc pack. Really easy to get the skis attached to your pack. But also it's a spine protector integrated and to this one. I don't have to wear an additional one, I just jump into this and then I'm all set.