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    Most interesting ski gear 2020

    Most interesting ski gear 2020

    Posted by Simon Tjernström

    2019-09-26 14:38

    Each year some products just stand out a little more. This year is no exception. Here are some of the most interesting products arriving this season.

    The North Face Fuse Brigandine Jacket

    North face mens brigandine jacket.jpgYet to be revealed your fellow snitch at Ridebrain have had a squeeze and feel of the coming apparel using the Futurelight membrane.

    Nanospinning technology is not only less of an environmental burden compared to the likes of Gore-tex and Dermizax. The fact is that it acts more similar in different temperatures than other materials as mentioned above. The thinner material makes for a better fit. A less “stiff” fit than other membranes. Specially in cold temperatures. Also quieter than competitors who tend to russle a lot.

    But you can’t just lean on technology. Luckily the North Face didn’t foresee the design part of the process. Our favorite from the Steep series is the Fuse Brigandine Jacket.

    The North Face Fuse Brigandine Jacket

    • Membrane consists of 85% air
    • PFC free
    • Allows air to move through at a rate of about 1,5ftf³/minute
    • Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) is 75,000 g/m²/day

    K2 Mindbender Ti

    k2. indbender.jpgK2 have set out to deliver par or more with their new everyday slayer - the Mindbender 108. When a big company like K2 push the GO button like they have with the Mindbender series - you stop and look what the fuzz is about.

    The Mindbender 108 Ti sets out to be a charger acting very much the same in different conditions. With a 22,3 meter turning radius this is not your snappy slalom ski. It’s meant to be ridden fast. A titanal Y beam throughout the ski makes it stable yet not too heavy and clumsy.

    K2 Mindbender 108 Ti

    • Lengths: 172, 179, 186, 193cm
    • Turning Radius: 22,9m
    • Tip, Waist, Tail: 136 - 108 - 125mm

    Dalbello Lupo Air 130

    Dalbello Lupo Air 130.jpgThe Dalbello Lupo have been more praised than the Beatles since arriving a few years back. This year Dalbello is putting a brand new produced boot on the shelves wearing the Lupo name - Lupo Air. The goal was to make it even lighter but keeping the stiffness. In order to do that they came up with a new material - Grilamid infused with air filled glass spheres.
    What’s even more spectacular is they got rid of the tongue. If this works you’ll see plenty of boot producers tossing the tongues in the future in order to lose weight.

    Dalbello Lupo Air 130

    • Last: 100mm
    • Interlock Shaft Fixation
    • Flex: 110, 130
    • Weight: 1299 grams

    Faction Candide 3.0

    Faction Candide 3.0.jpgAccording to Faction, Candide Thovex previously always rode the Candide 5.0 the most. This year the Candide 3.0 is a downsized version of the 5.0 with the same shape structure. But what was more challenging was keeping the unique flex as it's bigger brother - stiffer in the tip and tail and even flex throughout the rest of the ski.

    For this ski Faction have changed factory to an Austrian, to ensure quality is great (after delamination problems in the past).

    And it’s designed by Candide, just that..

    Faction Candide 3.0

    • Lengths: 169, 178, 184, 190cm
    • Tip, Waist, Tail: 140 - 112 - 134mm
    • Flat camber under foot
    • Tip and tail rocker
    • Turning radius: 22m