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    Meet Fabian Omne

    Meet Fabian Omne

    Posted by Gustav Corin

    Photos by Fabian Omne

    2019-08-20 11:34

    Fabian Omne is an interesting character in the Swedish ski industry. It seems like he came out of nowhere and now he’s doing all sorts of stuff, all over the place. There’s always a project somewhere that he’s involved in. He’s a very hard worker, a super fun guy and most of all, a really good skier. We asked him to tell us more about himself.

    1995 in Falun, Sweden (#faluanda)

    I have to say something cliché like ”Home is where the heart is”, because that is as close as it gets. We’ve (Fabian and girlfriend Lif, editors note) had an apartment in Åre for three years, but only lived in it during a total of 17 months. We have spent just under a year in Australia, done two summers on Lofoten, lived #Vanlife between Biarritz and Galicia and have fled to Indonesia basically every fall. That’s basically what I’ve done since I graduated high school in 2014, so it’s very difficult to say what home actually is. At the moment we are finishing our second van build, now for permanent living. Home for us isn’t a stationary place, so to be able to call something mobile your home and just go from there is a pretty good way of doing it if you ask me.

    Fabbe långburk.jpgDoes?
    Work wise I freelance the crap out of everything. I’m selling text, modeling now and then, and I’ve been editor in chief at TV Åre. I write and produce a lot for Red Bull since about a year ago, and I’ve gotten the super serious title Snow Channel Manager. Number one priory is that everything syncs with a board under my arm or skis on my feet. This summer I made the stupid decision to flip plates at a restaurant in Lofoten full time, at the same time as I’m running Red Bull half time, building a car full time and delivering texts to other companies. ”One full time gig is nothing, and you just work during evenings anyway”, I thought. However, I never miss a swell at Unstad or any of the nearby spots, which makes everything pretty sweet anyway. But again, work should be compatible with the favorite activities.

    Favorite Skier?
    Sammy Carlson - style is key.

    Fogskum.jpgFavorite Ski Resort?
    A year ago it was Åre, then I became a bit more travelled among the good stuff. I think the Tyrol is awesome. In St Anton and surroundings there are a lot of gems to collect, and it’s definitely a plus that 99,9% of the seasonaires are there to drink. However I’m fully convinced that some place with pillow lines in BC is my future favorite resort.

    Favorite Trick?
    Switch cork 5 from cliffs is the favorite, but zero spins are the illest and when opportunity comes, ad lay them down. Head Kore are a bit flat in the tail for switch landings outside groomed slopes, but it’s not supposed to be so bloody easy all the time.

    Fabbe färg orrua.jpgFavorite happening in skiing (could be exactly anything)
    Being admitted to Freeridegymnasiet (free skiing high school) in Malung. My grades were average at most, and my municipality had no agreement with the school, which meant that I would be chosen second after people from municipalities with agreements had had the chance to get in. I have no religious background, but a year before I was going to finish ninth grade I decided to pray to god every night and throw cross signs every now and then. I promised someone up there to be behave and be nice in all eternity if I just got in.

    When I eventually got in I first and foremost thanked god, than I ran like an idiot around the yard back home in Falun. It was my ticket to the heavenly kingdom, and I knew deep inside that I would never get in. Then it eventually went the right way in the end. My life right now would not be possible if it wasn’t for Freeridegymnasiet. The prayers kept going for a while, but now eight years later it’s nothing I carry with me. But I still remember the day I was accepted.

    Text: Gustav Corin
    Photos: Fabian Omne