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Marker Duke PT - Next generation's ski binding

Marker Duke PT - Next generation's ski binding

Posted by Simon Tjernström

Photos by Marker, Dalbello, Völkl/Pally Learmond

2019-11-04 12:27

Another glow have been thrown in the binding war.

Here is Markers reply to the Salomon Shift. The Marker Duke PT. A DIN 16 binding with touring capabilities weighing in at 1000 grams (if you remove the toe piece.) The ski weight is 1280 g. Comes in a DIN 16 version and a DIN 12 version weighing 1090g (850 without the toe piece.)

The Marker Duke PT's will start selling autumn 2020.

Press Release:
The new leading Power in the hybrid binding sector

The new MARKER DUKE PT hybrid freeride binding combines touring functionality and downhill performance like never before - meeting the needs of even the most demanding big mountain environments. No compromise downhill, easy-going uphill.

For the 20/21 winter season Marker launches the Duke PT 16 and the Duke PT 12. Both models ensure DIN ISO certified release at both the toe piece and the heel, with a 6 to 16 range on the Duke PT 16 and the 4 to 12 range on the Duke PT 12.

The biggest highlight on the new Duke PT is the innovative Ride & Hike toe. In ride mode it provides uncompromising downhill performance with full safety release properties up to DIN 16. In the event of a fall, the gliding AFD (Anti Friction Device) aids the lateral release unhindered by dirt, snow and ice.

Skärmavbild 2019-11-04 kl. 13.24.35.pngSwitching the binding to hiking mode is simply a matter of unlocking the upper part of the toe piece and rotating it forward. In uphill mode, you have the option of saving 250 grams of weight per binding at the foot by removing the toe sections and stowing them in your backpack.

Alternatively, the toe housing sections can be locked in the forward rotated position so you can quickly revert to downhill mode after a short uphill section. To switch to downhill mode the toe housing is clicked back onto the base plate. It locks into place thanks to Auto Quad Lock technology, just by stepping into the binding, without any extra action required by the skier.

Pin binding technology is integrated in the base plate underneath the toe housing section and operates in much the same way as the KingPin and Alpinist models from Marker. The toe piece also has Sole.ID technology, just like other products in the Royal Family. This makes the binding compatible with all boot sole types falling under the alpine (ISO 5355), touring (ISO 9523), or GripWalk (ISO 9523) norms.

All of these features and technologies naturally make the Duke PT one of the most advanced bindings in the hybrid freeride sector.