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      Keep track of your kids

      Keep track of your kids

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by Ridebrain

      2019-10-09 14:59

      Technology is moving forward but kids keep getting in trouble. This combination is something Swedish POC took notice off when they created their new back protector - the POCito VPD Trax.

      If you aren’t familiar with POC, they’re a Swedish brand focusing on protection. Since their start a little more than ten years ago they have sold somewhere around a gazillion of helmets, goggles and other safety gear for skiing och mountain biking. They have sold so much many people up north refer to Stockholmers as POCholmers.

      Safety these days isn’t only brute force towards the head or the back. Getting lost, stuck or lost is also a big reason for concern I’m sure almost all parents agree with. POC noticed that and created a 2 in 1 back protector/child tracker together with the company TRAX.

      POCito VPD Trax back protector orange.jpgA small plastic, rectangular device put in the breast pocket of the vest lets someone else track the movement of it using a GPS. Via an app developed by the company a number of functions are built in.

      • Inactivity report
      • Ski maps
      • SOS feature
      • Topographic maps
      • Activity data
      • Geo fencing

      So what this means you can stay indoors chugging Jaegerbombs while your kids go at in on the slopes. Jokes aside, heres what some of these features mean.

      Inactivity report: If your child isn’t moving you’ll be notified.

      SOS feature: Send notification and location to multiple people.

      Activity data: Total distance, average and maximum speed.

      Geo fencing: Create a perimeter (in the app) where your child can ski. You’ll get notified if these digital walls have been jumped.

      Last but not least, a key feature that goes with all the features mentioned above. IF something happens, of course it will be very, very easy locating your kid using the POCito VPD Trax.