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      How to take a banger. With Emrik Jansson

      How to take a banger. With Emrik Jansson

      Posted by Julia Örtegren

      Photos by Julia Örtegren

      2019-05-03 13:29

      Do you want to learn how to take a banger? We’ve followed the awesome ski photographer Emrik Jansson on a sunny spring day in Åre to pick up on his best tricks.

      emrik beskrivning.jpgPhoto: Sara Sandberg

      They flourish around all the time, different pictures from skiers making turns, dropping cliffs and splashing snow at the camera. Some are just passing by, while others stand out from the crowd. These are the bangers! To learn how to capture them, we’ve been hanging out with one of Åre's most popular ski photographers, Emrik Jansson.

      Emrik, what makes a good banger in your eyes?
      — A real good banger has a lot of feeling in it. I want people to feel angry because they weren’t there that day when they see my photos.

      DSC00634.JPGAre you angry yet? Julia capturing Emrik capturing the fun.

      What’s important to think about in order to shoot a good picture?
      – Shoot riders you know and like to work with. You have to adjust your picture after what you have around you and make sure to get the riders stoked! You want to show the joy in the picture. If it’s a powder day, make them ride deep powder, if it’s a slushy spring day, make sure to get a playful fun set up. Don’t use too much dead space, and not too much white. The picture should be interesting even without the skier in it. Also work with the light, and go against the rules. There are rules but you don’t need to follow them!

      DSC00671.JPGWork with people you know and break the rules.

      What beginners mistakes did you do in the start?
      – The hardest in the beginning for me was to get the rider in a good position. You can try to give some advise if you have any, but be careful…

      Skärmavbild 2019-05-03 kl. 16.38.03.pngWhat makes you such a popular photographer to work with?
      — What I’ve heard is that I’m good at describing what kind of picture I want. I'm also very stoked and excited and have joy for what I’m doing, which is contagious on others.
      I’m also usually bringing snacks and coffee. It is a good advice.

      DSC00650.JPGBring snacks in order to stay popular.

      How would you describe the banger you took of Reine Barkereds backflip today?
      — It got bigger than I thought. I’s a huge backflip! I wanted a clean picture and I got it. It doesn’t matter that it’s a lot of dead space in this one, because it’s a lot of blue sky, and blue is nice. It is a bit too high up because I did’t think he would go so big, but it shows the stoke. I like it!

      DSC00672.JPGEmrik getting a banger.

      —I want to cred Reine. He knows how to make a good looking backflip, he is easy to work with, very professional and gives his all to deliver a good picture. I also trust him to land very close to me because I know he won’t hit me.

      A Banger!
      image1 2.jpegReine Barkered