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      How to make a ski line of recycled materials

      How to make a ski line of recycled materials

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by Patagonia

      2019-10-30 11:20

      It's quite an interesting time we're living in since the industries change before our eyes every day.

      There are a lot of people trying to pull their weight and create a better world. The industry leaders have to be role models here. Like Patagonia.

      The shift towards sustainability isn't made over night.

      Patagonia set out on a path in 1993. With the release of a fleece jacket made out of recycled plastic soda bottles, the company became the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to transform trash into fleece. The world could hardly believe it. Some referred to fleece as "miracle material."

      But that was only a single product. Now Patagonia can beat their chest again when 100% of Patagonia’s waterproof shells (all 61 of them) are constructed from recycled materials and sewn in Fair Trade Certified factories.

      “It was a massive endeavor to be the first to pull off using recycled materials in all our waterproof shells—it took years of rigorous durability and wet-weather testing and a multi-level, multi-national process with suppliers—but we got to a point when we decided a shell either uses recycled fabrics and is Fair Trade Certified sewn, or we won’t make it"

      Patagonia Shell Yeah collection

      Patagonia Shell Yeah.jpg

      How to make a 100% recycled jacket

      1. Starts with a chip made out of recycled plastic.
      2. Drain that chip from petroleum and other harmful and unnecessary chemicals. until it's broken down to fiber.
      3. Make "yarn" out of that fiber
      4. Wove that fiber into a material.
      5. Cut that material
      6. Sow it back together
      7. Et voila!