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Holiday Season Do's & Dont's

Holiday Season Do's & Dont's

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-02-12 13:24

Quiet mountain towns turn in Colosseums gladiator games. Gentle groomer runs turn into the Matrix where you have to dodge people like they dodge bullets. Hushed lunch restaurants take the shape of the perfect setting for The Hang Over 4. It’s holiday season folks. Buckle up.

But there are a couple of Do’s and Dont’s to make holiday season better for everybody involved. This is ment for everybody from the local ripper to the old fart who never have seen a mountain before.

The mountains are public property. Even-though some feel it’s their own to do whatever they want with. Its not. It’s time to get along and here’s how.

Holiday season Do’s and Dont’s

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1. Slow down, this aint the big city.

Stressed old man ski goggles.jpg
Unlike your normal work life, fast isn’t good here. You won’t enjoy more if you rush. The rhythm of the mountain is moving slower than the big city. As soon as you can adapt to that mentality, the more you will enjoy yourself. Set gentle goals for your week long stay, and be adaptive. The mountains can quite often throw you a curve ball when you least expect it. The beautiful surroundings play buy their own rules. But just as you loose hope, that one perfect day or even hour appears and wipe away memories of rain in 30 meters per second.

And remember. One good day in the mountains has the equivalent value off 103 good days off them

2. Listen

old man hearing bad with ski goggles.jpgThere are a few guidelines and those are for your safety. The rescue people have seen it all, and each year someone is lost on the mountains, or get really hurt. Listen to the people if they tell you to take it easy or not go to a particular spot. They are not douches, only experienced. Your own experience you think you have. Obtained during a bender in St Anton some 30 years ago is probably not worth more than the fudd in your belly buttom if things go sour.

You might be the biggest and baddest in your squash club but you can’t smash yourself out of a bad decision on the mountain

The real accidents and dangers you think only happen in the Alps or Canada happens everywhere. Bold decisions are better left at the squash arena.

The rescue personel have seen it all, and each year it’s Groundhog Day all over again. Listen to people. Nobody want’s accidents to happen and everybody who spends enough time on mountains work towards minimizing these events for them and everybody. Listen to the people if they tell you to take it easy or not go to a particular spot. They are not douches, only experienced.

3. Be helpful

Helping someone out.jpgSome people spend their life on the mountains, while others only get one week per year. Please be helpful and do your best to make sure everybody has a good time.

A good restaurant recommendation in the liftline or letting a family of five pass before you can turn a whole day around

4. Be social

being social.jpgSkiing and snowboarding is a social sport.

Unlike the subway, you won’t get mazed trying to talk to a stranger

Much the opposite. The common superglue of passion for skiing have united more people of differences than all religion put together. Don't be afraid to ask your fellow skiers or boarders on the mountain.

5. Bring back your trash

black trash bag tied.jpgUnlike many other places in society, there isn’t a sweeping crew getting up 04:30 to make sure there’s no trash in the morning when you wake up.

And trust me, candy wrappers and soda cans do not blend well with snow white.

There are trash cans by almost every lift. Just bring it to there and don't leave it behind.