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      Henrik Harlaut Historic

      Henrik Harlaut Historic

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-01-25 12:25

      Henrik Harlaut became (even more) historic last night. With another win at X Games (big air) he became the skier with the most medals ever. His sixth X Games gold medal also made him the man with the most gold at X GAmes.

      – The finals was insane. Usually the two best tricks are added up, but this time with a jam format where the judges look at all the jumps during a 25 minute period. Henrik had an awesome day. All the rotations was there and he felt unbeatable. He started with a double rodeo 1260 done to perfection. Second a switch double bio 1620. A trick he have never done or even worked on here. Then two more jumpes that where done perfectly, says pal and coach Niklas Eriksson.


      With this victory he beats Tanner Halls previous record with 11 X Games medals. He is therefore the skier with the most X Games medals ever.

      – Really impressive anyways. He was a little annoyed after the slopestyle eliminations, så the come back spirit maybe got him a little fired up. Now he is historic too, says Niklas.

      Results X Games Big Air

      1. Henrik Harlaut, Sverige
      2. Birk Ruud, Norge
      3. Andra Ragettli, Schweiz.