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Get in shape with Reine Barkered

Get in shape with Reine Barkered

Posted by Julia Örtegren

Photos by Ridebrain

2019-10-22 13:11

Layaway your pizza and let's start to get in shape. We asked Mayor of Stomptown / Reine Barkered what makes him strong enough to stomp.

When Reine Barkered thinks that ”legblasters” is the best way to warm up, we don't doubt it. Remember, you can't stomp Hollywood on Bec des Rosses just from warming up. This is just how you start.

This is how to do it - Warm Up:

20 x squats
20 x alternating lunges

20x jump lunges
Add a jump to your regular lunges
20x jump squats
Add a jump to your regular squats

Do it all again 3 times.

Good luck!