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Gear Breakdown: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Clint Eastwood

Gear Breakdown: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Clint Eastwood

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-01-02 14:08

Late 2019. A powerduo (couple?) that diminishes Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's stardom to a 40W lightbulb hit the slopes.
The perfect storm of toughness hit the slopes of what we believe is Sun Valley, Idaho.
The skies where blue, and in the distance - A solitary eagle made a cry.

Former sausage eater (he's from Austria) gone bodybuilder - gone actor - gone politician and enviromental lobbyist ended the decade by winning the internet once again.

The picture portraited Arlnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood looking like Jerry's and the caption declared "Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait."
The most iconic duo is looking like your regular gaper about to get wrecked stepping off the chair. And I just love it. Apparently, so does the internet. With over 1.3M likes and close to 20.000 comments agreeing with the Terminator, we wouldn't dream to think the opposite.

What we did notice though was the gear..

It was hard to find declared income for the two. Sources tells me they've been able to scramble together A Fistful Of Dollars or two during the years. So let's put it this way.
If they wanted to they could have built their own 3000-peak-mountain out of sheer safron and have Jon Olsson work as a lift guy.

So we're just wondering why the hell they ski around in their grandpa's old gear...

Gear Breakdown Goggles & Headwear

Schwarzenegger Eastood top.jpgLet's start off easy. Schwarzenegger, obviously the more progressive out of the duo rockin' a semi-modern helmet with a pair of quasi-modern Smith goggles.
Clint Eastwood however is rocking the old trusted beanie with that style only old people wear, before they found out your ears could get cold by spending 8 hours in minus 27 celcius riding 40 km/h. The look in his eyes though. Oh boy, still got it!
Pros: Clint Eastwood looks ready to rip!
Cons: His goggles wont fit his face

Gear Breakdown Jackets

Schwarzenegger Eastood middle.jpgThis is where it get's really interesting. Just look at Clint Eastwood's jacket. I mean. No joke, this is as HIP as it get's right now. Have you seen young progressive skiers lately. THIS IS HOW THEY LOOK FOLKS.
Not waterproof - CHECK. Weird fit - CHECK. Looking like it is bought in a thrift store - CHECK. As functional as a beeing covered in leafs - CHECK!
Pros: Clint Eastwood will star in (and produce) next years Bunch movie.
Cons: Too fashionable?

Gear Breakdown Pants

Schwarzenegger Eastood pants.jpgLet's shift focus to the Shredminator. We all knew he was tough but come on. THOSE ARE WW2 ARMY PANTS. How baddass isn't this guy. As statet above, they obviously are too cool for waterproof gear. We get it you guy's are rad. But to bring out your dad's friends army pants and go tear up the mountain. That's just next level.
Pros: Tested for a number of years. (They'll be back)
Cons: No warranty left if they brake

Gear Breakdown Boots

Schwarzenegger Eastood boots.jpgIs this guy ready to shred or what (Clint). If you didn't know Clint Eastwood is 89 years old. Recognize the boots anybody?
No? Noone?
Jeepers creepers. That is the same boot Seth Morrisson - The charger of all chargers - is seen putting on in the Matchstick Productions movie from 1998 "Sick Sense." The boot from REIßLE came to be legendary since it was the whole philosofy for Full Tilt boots when they started.
So here is Clint Eastwood. The raddest guy on screen. Riding the NUMBER ONE boot in the world for charging hard and going friggin' HUGE. This can't be a coincidence. Right now Clint Eastwood is probably hucking double backies from a massive western looking cliff somewhere, grinning all the way down to the chair. Does he feel lucky? I'm pretty sure he does. Punk.

Pros: A true classic worn by the best
Cons: Plastic from 1997 can feel a little stiff to put it mildly.

Clint Eastwood Arnold Schwarzenegger skiing.jpg