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      Freeguide Carbon - Scott's flagship boot

      Freeguide Carbon - Scott's flagship boot

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-03-03 14:50

      GEARCHECK. The Scott Freeguide Carbon is a luxury model from Scott Sports. A Freetouring ski boot with all the features you could want (and need) but still as comfortable as a pair of slippers.

      Find out more below.

      Video Transcript

      So I just put on this Scott free guide carbon and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the fit. The dude's over to Scott spent two years breaking their balls, developing a revolutionary ski boot as they call it. And, let's have a closer and look at some of the details.

      – Hello, my name is Frans Marsan and I am the ski boot product manager for Scott. I'm really happy to present you with a new, a freeguide ski boots. It's a free touring ski boot that delivers super cool performance with a 130 flex and super nice walkability of a 60 angle degrees. So this walkability and performance is deliver by our cabrio hybrid construction. So it's benefits of this construction is you have like a very good downhill performance but the goods is also very easy to uh, to step in, step out. Uh, that's a key factor for us. We want to have some very comfortable ski boots. The last is 101,5 millimeters, so fitting most of the feet on the market and uh, we have like some good feature like your boa system for the liner. So as the liner stay close to your feet doing the downhill or the hiking up and we are using a grilamid materials and carbon fibers to achieve a weight of 1440 gram.

      – So we are super stoked to have this boots on our offer. I hope you can test it quickly. And fun in the mountain.

      I've seen you use BOA on the liner?

      – Yeah, that's smart, cool feature. We do like it to have some more comfort. The comfort of the boots is something key for us. Got ski boots. We were really successful with our touring ski boots because they where really comfortable. So on this one we want to have this comfort and the BOA liner bring something very easy to use, to handle, and also when you are walking up you are sensing that liner stay close to your foot. And that is something nice to have.

      It seems like a stiffener in the front part off the tounge, the liner? It's really stiff here.

      – Yeah so the boot have, we call it hybrid cabrio construction.

      What is that?

      – Hybrid Cabrio. So you have the Cabrio ski boots for touring and the most overlapping ski boot construction thats more alpine. And here we ewanted to take the best of both solution. So we have a two part tounge in the front. That give a lot of walkability when you are skinning up. But also we still are having a good overlap coming from the cuff to have something powerful for the descent and the performance. So for sure the liner is also a bit reinforced in the front.. But it is more the construction of the boot that make it a bit unique.

      The fit of the last, have you taken it from another Scott boot or is it completely new?

      – No, that is new, it is 101,5 millimeters. On all those ski boots we are using a 103 last. So a bit more narrow for more performance. Better fit. You will see with this solution of the cabrio hybrid construction and this two part tounge, The step in step out are super easy and very comfortable fit. Jump in to the boot and you have something that fits.

      And how much Grilamid? Is it just Grilamid or any PU or Pebax plastics?

      – No it is full Grilamid construction with some carbon fiber on the shell to have something very reinforced on the side to have a good power transmission. And also to achieve a super light weight boot. That is also key for this kind of ski boot.

      I noticed these screws here. Is it to change the sole of the boots?

      – If the soles are getting used (worn down), you can just replace it. So it's a just remove a few screws. It's kind of easy. Easy way to do it.

      Do you use Vibrax or is it your own?

      – No, it is Skywalk. Used by other brands on the market also. Good grip, good durability.

      What would you say is the key feature that makes this boot a big success?

      – I think this is really like, the cabrio hybrid construction that makes it super easy to step in, step out to get a pure, uh, instant comfort and a performance that's also delivers this construction.

      Which are your main competitors? If you look at all the brands?

      – Uh, for sure, um, like the Scarpa Maestrale RS is a, uh, an iconic product in this category. And you have the Salomon S lab or MTN Lab, that's also super successful. Also Technica Zero G that are like really like a, it's an overlap construction, but uh, thats super light. So that are the boots we are competing with.

      Comparing with Zero G. They went with four buckles. You have a two and a half?

      – Yeah. So the Zero G have a super strong downhill performance but it's an overlap constriction. So there are some weaknesses when you want to walk with that boot. So we are more a bit more touring and they are more like a pure in the alpine direction. So it's more an evolution of the touring benefits of a ski boots with a lot of performance and they are coming more from the alpine set up, but I dont want to speak to much about the Zero G. But that's the way we see it.

      So what's the weight?

      – So it's a 1440 grams.

      In 26,5?

      – Exactly.