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Follow Windstedt behind the scenes

Follow Windstedt behind the scenes

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-02-09 18:56

"In this extraordinary edit you get behind the scenes of Flow Windstedt, a project in which pure follow-cam magic is created. It pictures the experienced skier and filmer Alexander Rydén filming freeskier Henrik Windstedt at his terms, in other words, he needs to ski fast and drop high with a camera in his hand.

With Alexander behind the lens and Henrik in front of it you get a totally new perspective of what skiing powder can be, the great teamwork between these two makes the smoothness in the shots exceptional. With a handheld camera, the viewer gets a feeling of being close to the rider, close to nature and close to the feeling of skiing fast in fresh snow.

The amazing surroundings of British Columbia at Stellar Heli gives the duo the perfect conditions to pull this off in the best way."