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      Discover Lofoten

      Discover Lofoten

      Posted by Julia Örtegren

      Photos by Hattvikalodge

      2019-06-19 12:51

      Spectacular nature, constantly changing weather and endless activities to discover. Lofoten is like a gold mine for adventurous tourists, and someone who knows where to dig is the local owner of Hattvika Lodge, Kristian Bøe. We’ve listed his best advice of what to do while in Lofoten.

      Kristian Bøe is running Hattvikalodge
      who provides accommodation in authentic renewed fisherman’s cottages, located in Ballstad in the Lofoten Islands. According to Kristian who is born and raised in Lofoten, the fall is definitely the best time to visit his domicile.

      fönstervy.jpg Photo: Morten Benestad/ @hattvikalodge

      — Lofoten is amazing in the fall. I would say that late August until November is the prime time to come here. The Mountains are beautifully green and the contrast between the dark blue sea and the intense green color is totally epic in the fall. There are also less tourists around so you can enjoy the nature peacefully, says Kristian.

      Ski- touring
      The ski-touring season in Lofoten is short but very spectacular. 14th of February until the beginning of April is the peak-season for all ski enthusiasts, but make sure to book a few extra days in case you would be unlucky with the weather.

      Topptur-Lofoten.jpg Photo: Lorenzo Alesi/ @hattvikalodge

      — You often have to adjust your activity choice after the forecast here, it’s part of the experience, explains Kristian.

      Kristians’ bucket list for an authentic experience in Lofoten

      1. Look at Lofoten from the sea.
      — Make sure to do a kayak trip or get around with a boat to get the bottom up perspective of Lofoten. If you want to go surfing make sure to visit Unstad beach.

      2. Climb a peak
      —Looking down at Lofoten with a perspective from the summit and be able to compare it with the view from the sea level is amazing.

      3. Hiking adventures
      —There is hiking for all levels in Lofoten. Henningsvaer is a very popular place to hike in the summer, and Vågkallen is a majestic mountain to explore.

      4. Fishing
      — Lofoten has always been based around fishing. It is the soul. Don’t miss the possibility to go fishing, and make sure to taste Lofoten with all your senses.

      5. Make the experience authentic
      —The East part of Lofoten has 60% of all the accommodation in the area, but the more West you go the less explored and more authentic it all gets.

      If you want to have more information go to Hattvikalodge