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      David Kantermo. Life in Mountains

      David Kantermo. Life in Mountains

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      Photos by Mattias Fredriksson

      2019-11-26 15:45

      Are you struggling with assembling the jigsaw puzzle which is your life? Work and passion sometimes seem like oil and water. Impossible to merge no matter how much you stir.

      This is a story of an alchemist with the power to turn the 24 hours a day we all have in common to 48. The extra hours created just with the help of passion for riding his skis.

      David Kantermo Stellar Shell Yellow.jpgDavid Kantermo noticed a few years ago he had next to nothing left of his meniscus. This is why. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

      This isn't the story of the worlds greatest skier. He isn't getting paid to perform on the highest level possible known to man. This is just the story of the man who loves skiing the most.

      Find out the secrets behind David Kantermo. And maybe you can draw a lesson or two about how you can create more time for what you love in life.

      – If you really like skiing, I don't see how you could live your life in any other way. Sure, the mountain is right outside my office door and home door. But that is a choice I have made.

      David grew up at the bottom of Åre, and the mountains have shaped him in every choice he ever made. Growing up his idols were long-haired, dirty, jumped cliffs and skied moguls. The choice was always easy after that.

      His mogul career ended the same day he qualified for the world cup - mogul skiing’s biggest stage. He blew his knee on his way down to tell his childhood coach he made it.

      David Kantermo buckeling up.jpgAfter his mogul career ended, the powder became his friend and mentor. Often reaching the white gold by his own machine. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

      With a bad knee his eyes soon landed on the big white powder fields he grew up playing on. From this day on, he became the powder finder.
      "If you really like skiing, I don't see how you could live your life in any other way"
      Since then he has mapped and neatly cataloged everything there is to ride on Åreskutan.

      – My favorite run is with Kabinbanan in Åre. That’s the lift which gives you the greatest vertical in Sweden. Most of the times I choose the Backside and Lillskutan. It’s unmatchable when it comes to long continual and varying terrain. I feel very much at home there.

      David Kantermo catching air.jpgEven though the love of his life is Åre, David sometimes brings his skis to other contries. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson
      "John approached me and told me about this new brand that was forming. A brand set to entirely redraw the map of technical outerwear"
      Four years back local skier/entrepreneur John Crawford Currie contacted David. He was about to have his second child. Was working as a coach for the Norwegian mogul team with 200 days plus of traveling each year. He knew his working situation wasn't going to work as his family grew bigger.

      – John approached me and told me about this new brand that was forming. A brand set to entirely redraw the map of technical outerwear and asked me if I wanted to be part of it. They were looking for people like them who understood mountains, skiing and shared their passion for skiing. That was Stellar Equipment.

      Stellar Equipment merged their knowledge of 30 years plus in the skiing business with a modern digital way of looking at distribution chains, production and customer/company relations.

      – I was told when I started they wanted to create a brand with functional clothes in a timeless design.

      Stellar Equipment, much the opposite of all other brands, sell directly to their customers. That means that the jacket they are drawing today can be sold to the skier in a matter off weeks/months. Where other brands who use local distributors and stores have to make collections each year that are sold to the stores and make their way to the shelves the year after that. That 2-year cycle is what Stellar set out to erase.

      – The cool thing about Stellar is that we don't have to make a new collection just to have something to sell and talk about. Combine that with our way of thinking when it comes to a timeless design. It enables the customer to buy a new jacket to the pant they bought five years ago, and it still matches.

      David Kantermo - Powder finder.jpgSome people call him "the powder finder" since he has a magical ability to track down fresh snow. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

      With direct contact with their customers the brand slowly but steady fine-tune each Garmin to perform exactly as they want it to. The pieces never grow old, just better.

      – One of the pieces we haven't tuned the least little bit is the Stellar Shell Jacket. It's quite weird since it was the first jacket we made. Neither we nor the customers out skiing in it have found anything to improve. It’s just perfect.

      When approached to join the Stellar Equipment team he was promised he could still spend a lot of time on the mountains. The founders knew this was something non-negotiable in terms of getting David Kantermo on the team.

      – It takes more office hours these days than before, but I'm still out testing the gear every day. If it's not before work, its during work since we set our internal meetings on the mountain. And many times I'm out after work as well.

      David Kantermo Scandinavian pillows.jpgScandinavian pillows (not from IKEA) do exist. Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

      When asked about the secrets about his way of life he shrugged his shoulders as it's not a big thing being out skiing every day at the age of 38.

      – The mountain is right outside both my home door and the office door. It takes me minutes to kindergarten so I can be on the mountain in 15 minutes. I think that is the whole thing - it’s so easy up here in Åre.

      There are many business men looking at the success of Stellar these days. Copy cats are popping up calling their business model the way of the future. Designers are scratching their heads wondering why they don't produce timeless designs. But I think it's the close connection with the world of skiing and the mountains that has lead to the salutations. That link is a red bearded man who just can't stop to get up there for more...

      Red beard, white soul.jpg
      Specifications Mens Stellar Shell Jacket
      Main fabric: Dermizax NX™ – 3-ply, DWR-treated, 100% polyester. 165g/sqm. Made in Japan.

      • Main fabric denier: 75D * 75D/2. (This is a woven fabric in which the warp and weft have different denier numbers.)

      • Waterproofness: 20 000 mm.

      • Breathability: 30 200 g/sqm/24h.

      • Garment weight: Men’s S 596 g, M 620 g, L 653 g, XL 708 g, XXL 719 g. / Women’s S 542 g, M 568 g, L 597 g, XL 626 g.

      • Center back length: Men’s S 74 cm, M 76 cm, L 78.5 cm, XL 81 cm, XXL 83.5 cm. Women’s S 65.5 cm, M 67.5 cm, L 70 cm, XL 72.5 cm.
      • Price: 3.495kr
      • Colours:

      Stellar colours.jpg