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      Dalbello Quantum - The best touring boot yet?

      Dalbello Quantum - The best touring boot yet?

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-03-18 10:49

      It has been 10 years since Dalbello had a touring ski boot on the market. The last true ski mountaineering boot was the Sherpa.

      Now they have decided to pick up the torch with their brand new Quantum.

      Dalbello Quantum is a 950 gram two piece construction made out of Nylon Polyamide Carbon fiber charged. With some parts only strenghtend with glassfiber.

      One interesting part is their own "boa" system that goes two ways. The QLS (Quick Lacing System) have micro adjustement in both direction. Also a lace over your ankle, kepping your heel steadily in the heel box.

      Video Transcript

      Well the doll Bella produced a new boot. You damn well take a closer look. New for next year is the quantum. Not quite spectacular free touring boots. We're going to have a closer look. Come follow us in here.

      Hi, I'm Giuseppe Ankeny, product manager of Dalbello ski boots. And now let's talk about the new quantum. So you decided to create a new free touring boat and new touring boots. Your touring boots. Yeah. It's the first time for the enter entering this new segment for us. And this is the one to 950 grams for the quantum Missouri factory on the size 26.5. That's great. Uh, what kind of material you're using it? Well for the people knows also the outfit is binding. For example, the market often is buying, we use exactly the same material. The front piece of the penis. That is nylon polyamide carbon fiber charged for the other two materials. It's still polyamide but a glass fiber. Charles. So how come, uh, talk me through it. It seems like, um, most people use a gorilla made to have a durable, lightweight plastics. How come you choose differently?

      Not if Paul Yamit is the family but is green, I mean fiber chucks. Yeah. I mean this is the brand of uh, of this family that is the polyamory denial on. But uh, this is also great. I mean, yeah. So you decided to go with a Buddha for the bottom part? No, it's not a bore. Uh, we call it QLM S eh, quick lacing system. Eh, the teacher here that you have the micro adjustment in both directions means that you can close but also open with micro Jasper. You don't have to pull it out and restart the job and uh, quite a different solution on a top piece as well. The top we call dual link are two independent pieces that move completely free and follow exactly the direction of the leg during hiking. So no friction at all. Super easy handling because you have just one movement between the high mode and this keyboard.

      Let's see, what about the line there? It looked quite the different from a, for this model we have full ultra aligners. So 7.5 millimeters on the back here and six millimeters in the front. We have also [inaudible] underneath here, so it's completely Terma formable so 200 grams. So it's not super, super light, but we prefer to stay with the very resistant and solid liners. Even if it's a light boot. How long does it take to develop a new boot and a with a, what do you call it? Drafts and so on, uh, two years. Two years. I can tell you we have the first size of regular snow in the area and it's a, it's a, it's a long journey and it looks like, uh, we saw that with the Looper error as well. You cut out some material, like it's a lot of air moving through.

      Yeah. Here, uh, it's completely a different approach. A different project. If we talk from the very beginning, I would say that the first, uh, major innovation is deals we call uh, uh, bonded shell, uh, is made by two house shell bonded together thanks to ultrasound vibration technology. Why we built in this way? Because we want to be super light and to be super light, we have to use very thin plastic wall and very hard plastic globe. We the standard, uh, process, uh, of doing boots with a standard mold, we would not be able to demold they turn out black out because these to Steve and this is too long. So we decided to have these innovative technology. All right. A perfect full boot board. Uh, it's not common on these light boots. Fine. I have a real full boot board, but for the best time of installation we decided to have these hood board glued on the, on the bottom part, do all density by brand.

      So on the boot. So steeper here for the power transmission for the precision and robbery here for the grid. This is a new mechanism and we'll say mechanism for locking. This is a, a new, a new mechanism of four aspect is pretty standard with the spring here and super easy to open and close it engaged by by itself as you can see. Yep. And uh, is it longer for using some pole or do you have to use your finger for like it looks no finger finger. You can, you can handle easily. Yeah. Eh, being connected with the rope when you tied the calf. Also, this is tighter that for these kinds of [inaudible] guy and the skiers, it's very important, has safety issue because they are always care that these can be open in some critical part of the sand. But this doesn't happen because when you engage in close all the system also, these get steeper. Uh, I can show you this lace goes inside from here to here. Uh, recalling a little bit the concept of the tiny link that DelBello has on the Cabrio boots because we have this lace on the 45 degrees blocking the, the feet here. You can see

      here, you can see the lace going through and blocking the feet to place the feet exactly in the right position in the heel pocket. What about last week? Did you take a specific mold from some other booth or is it brand new? Brand new, completely new project. 99 million matters for sure. That top, uh, high end boot, the quantum Missouri factory is a little bit more precise as naggy than the other two because the liners is made by an outer material. So thanks a lot.