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      Buy next years Extrem skis now

      Buy next years Extrem skis now

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2020-02-13 11:26

      Extrem Skis releases limited quantity of their new for 2021 skis Mothertree 105 Reload and Fusion 105.

      If you haven't been stuck in a car que the last 5 years, you know Swedish ski producers Extrem have done some of the best skis on the planet for freeriders.

      Using their Scandinavian heritage and past experiences, they have created a number of ski series, perfected for the style of riding and conditions most of us northerners get the most of. Wether it's on vast powder fields in the alps or on that infamous Swedish yellow ice december seem to produce so much of. Extrem proves to be the skis for the job. With models like Opinion, Second Opinion, Fusion, Mothertree and Project they have found a uniqueness and quality aknowledged around the world.

      Evidence of that have come in droves with ISPO awards, number one spots in ski tests and a massive increase in sales.

      After great demand Extrem now chooses to pre-release their new Extrem Fusion 105 and Mothertree 105 Reload.

      Extrem specifikation.jpg

      Extrem Fusion 105

      Extrem Fusion 105 is the new bigger brother of Fusion 95 (a test winner in ski magazines). There is a Fusion 105 Carbon and a Fusion 105 Reload version out now, but this version is made to be a more playful ski.

      "Without the titanal stringers found in the Fusion 105 Reload, our new model becomes a perfect everyday ski for adventures all over the mountain," says Stefan Cederberg, founder of Extrem Skis.

      The skis are made out of snappy poplar wood and stable beech wood, in combination with race rubber dampening membranes to minimize vibrations.

      Extrem Fusion 105 Specifications
      • Lenghts: 179, 186 & 193cm
      • Tip/Waist/Tail (in 186cm): 136 - 105 - 124
      • Turning Radius (in 186cm): 21m
      • Weight (in 186cm): 2300g
      • Length recommendations: Body Length

      Mothertree 105 Reload

      Mothertree is the world’s first community-developed freeride ski for females and have been developed together with the female ski network InspireUs. The ski, and the unique development process behind it, was awarded the international and prestigious ISPO Award 2016/17.

      The result is a playful and lightweight allmountain and freeride ski range that work just as good with an alpine binding as they do with a tech binding.

      The tapered tip and tail, combined with the progressive freeride rocker profile in the tip and tail, creates great floatation in soft snow but also a great edge grip in hard-packed conditions.

      The new version of the Mothertree that is released in a limited quantity has a Titanal layer in it, to give it better torsional strength.

      “The new Mothertree 105 Reload is the big sister stepping up skiing and is dedicated to females who want to ski with more power and speed, and for those who appreciate great piste performance in a freeride skis,” says Caroline Strömberg

      Mothertree 105 Reload Specifications

      • Lenghts: 165, 172 & 179cm
      • Tip/Waist/Tail (in 172cm): ?-105-121mm
      • Turning Radius (in 172cm): 18m
      • Weight (in 172cm): 1900g
      • Length recommendations: Body Length