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Behind the Shot. With Erik Westberg

Behind the Shot. With Erik Westberg

Posted by Simon Tjernström

Photos by Erik Westberg

2019-05-16 11:27

We took a look at one of photographer Erik Westbergs favourite shot and asked him about the story behind it.
erik westberg beskrivning.jpgPhoto: Emrik Jansson

David Kantermo is at the top of the run and I'm down by a little creek. He shouts over the radio that he will drop the wind lip and then turn right - left.

I call back telling him it would be more natural to turn left - right and get the answer, "No, that's not possible."

I answer him, "alright, do as you want, the picture will be good no matter which direction you turn first."

"Dropping in three!" David shouts.

He than goes on to do the impossible, drops the wind lip and turns. Left -right. The result is this image.
_EPX5664_5.jpgDavid Kantermo doing the impossible. Photo: Erik Westberg

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