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Åre Ski Finals day 1 - Skicross

Åre Ski Finals day 1 - Skicross

Posted by Simon Tjernström

Photos by Emrik Jansson

2019-04-25 18:34

If you haven't been sleeping under a rock lately. You now the Ski Finals is the most fun event around.
EJansson_04216.jpgThe competition is rooted from a forever current topic of discussion in the ski world. Which discipline holds the best skiers?

The rules are simple. Gather your team and face the elite from all disciplines. You compete in skicross, moguls, parallel slalom and cross country (sort of).

The 4 day event started today with skicross and we have all the images.


Downloadable images

If some images ended up in the wrong folder. Sorry, not sorry cause your BIB wasn't showing.

Barebells DAM -

Barebells HERR -

Carlsberg DAM -

Carlsberg HERR -

Edelweiss HERR -

Fjällgården HERR -

Helly DAM -

Helly HERR -

Helly MIXED -

Huski DAM -

Huski HERR -

Nocco DAM -

Nocco HERR -

Shed HERR -

Skistar DAM -

Ulfs Pojkar HERR -

Werséns DAM -

Xtravel Guide HERR -

Xtravel Fjälls, HERR -

Åre Skidsport HERR -