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      A new way to find missing people

      A new way to find missing people

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2019-11-01 10:06

      Many people have opinions about Recco. The latest news is a device attachable to a helicopter for fast search over big areas.

      The Recco SAR Helicopter Detector is a missing person search device to search wide areas fast for people equipped with Recco Rescue Reflectors. The detector is attached to the helicopter with a sling and carried as a hanging load.

      Recco SAR helicopter illustration.jpg
      Functional principle
      The Recco detector transmits a directional radio signal that is reflected by the Recco rescue reflector. The detector operator perceives the reflected signal as a tone, and the closer the detector gets to the reflector, the stronger the signal/tone.

      Search Parameters
      The search parameters are very dependent on the terrain, weather, vegetation and the surface structure. Therefore, only an approximate indication of the average search parameters can be given:

      • Height: approx. 100m
      • Speed: approx. 100 km/h
      • Search corridor width: approx. 100m

      Search performance at average search parameters = 6 minutes/km2

      Technical data for the RECCO SAR helicopter detector
      • Weight: 80 kg (including batteries)
      • Size: 57cm (diameter)
      • Power source: battery operation, regardless of helicopter type
      • Operating time: 6 hours
      Technical data for the RECCO Rescue Reflector
      • Integrated in equipment or extra retrofit for backpacks or helmet
      • Functional principle: passive transponder
      • Weight: about 4 g
      • Size: approx. 1.5 x 7 x 0.5 cm
      • Requires no battery or activation
      • Unlimited lifespan