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      5 reasons you should be a skier

      5 reasons you should be a skier

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2019-03-20 10:21

      No other sport, hobby or recreational activity beats skiing. How do we know? We have tried all activities the world has to offer and broke down 5 reasons WHY skiing and snowboarding is so damn superior.

      1. Coffee

      kaffekopp.pngThis sacred Elixir of Life in drinking form. Coffee and skiing is the best combo since Sourcream & Onion. A well known fact is Coffee on the mountain tastes 46% better than a coffee in an urban environment. Besides that some of the alp regions (Italy) have the world’s best coffee. If you don’t drink coffee you’re not a skier.

      2. People

      folk.jpgHave you ever met a douchy skier? Yes of course you have, but if you think past all Stockholmers, have you then ever met a skiing idiot? That’s right. All skiers (except the brats) are smooth people easy to connect to. You know they put up with tons of crap just to be able to ski more, and so do you.

      3. Snow

      snow.jpgNothing and I mean NOTHING beats snow. I know what you’re thinking, water and glassy waves are pretty darn nice and there must be a reason so many people play golf? But can you spray your friend in the face with a 9 iron? You can, but it’s not as forgiving and awesome as annihilating your buddy with a wall of snow after a great run. The fact that no year or day is another alike is also a contributing factor. The wind molds the terrain as it fancies but the unique playground is made just for you.

      4. Speed

      POWP-171200-SPEED-01.jpgHave you ever tried being hung over at 90 km/h? IMPOSSIBLE! Have you tried reaching speeds over 50 km/h with bowling shoes? ABSURD. Traveling in absurd speeds a meere centimeter above the ground, a millisecond from turning your face into minced meat is a great way to feel alive and forget about what grinds your gears off the mountain.

      5. Chair lifts

      stollift.jpgSure, you can hang out on the tennis court but few, very few sports have a built in time or space for hanging out with your friends. But there is more. Under your feet the equivalent of ancient Colosseum’s gladiator games is taking place. Remember the speed I was talking about above on number four? People will most definitely wipe out at those speeds right under you. THE SHOW IS FREE FOLKS! All you have to do is take the lift and you’ll have ten minutes of premium slapstick.

      6. (Bonus) Taking of your ski boots

      1987-1988-salomon-sx91e-boot.jpgA feeling equal to the most epic orgasm you have ever experienced. All paragraphs above aside. Taking of your ski boots is the best feeling in the world. This is the most primary, primal reason people go thru such hassle to go ski every year. It’s cold, your feet hurt, you hear people laughing when you sand paper your face under the chair lift but it’s all worth it. Cause when the day is over and you have spend a month salary on lunch, you get to experience this awesome feeling of removing your ski boots.