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      5 cheapest ski resorts

      5 cheapest ski resorts

      Posted by Simon Tjernström

      2019-11-25 13:31

      Looking for the most bang for the buck? We can't guarantee you the bang but you will save a few bucks going to these resorts.

      There are a number of ways to see if a ski resort is cheap. We chose to look at ski ticket prices. To make sure it is a proper ski resort and not just your local slope slope. We set a minimum of 5 ski lifts to assure that value.

      We looked all over the world but ended up with five finalists from Europe. Skiing is more expensive in North America.

      5. Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Jahorina ski resort.jpgSki pass price (adult): 20€
      Jahorina is located on the second highest peak on the mountainrange Dinaric Alps south of Sarajevo. It was here the Women’s Alpine competitions for the 1984 Olympic Games of Sarajevo where held. The ski resort Jahorina is located in the Republika Srpska. There are 25 km of slopes available with 11 lifts. The top elevation is 1,889 and the base is at 920m.

      4. Szczyrk–Skrzyczne, Poland

      Szczyrk Skrzyczne ski resort.jpgSki pass price (adult): 20€
      Try pronouncing that! The ski resort Szczyrk–Skrzyczne is on of Polands biggest resorts with 10 lifts and 35 km of slopes. Located in the Silesian Beskids on the slopes of Małe Skrzyczne 1211 m.
      The resort has over 22 km of varied ski runs, including 5km illuminated.
      Szczyrk Mountain Resort is currently under expansion. Since 2017 a new 10-seater gondola, two 6-seater sofa railways and another 6-seater sofa has been built.

      3. Gresse en Vercors, France

      Gresse en Vercors ski resort.jpgSki pass price (adult): 19€
      The ski resort Gresse en Vercors is located in the Arrondissement of Grenoble. There are 20 km of slopes available with 10 lifts transporting the guests. The skiable elevation is between 1,245 and 1,751 m.

      The Gresse-en-Vercors ski resort is located within the Vercors Massif at over 1200 m. The Grand Veymont, which is the highest mountain in the Vercors, shapes the panorama. The slopes for skiing and snowboarding are mainly located beneath the treeline.

      2. Aillons-Margériaz, France

      Aillons Margeriaz ski resort.pngSki pass price (adult): 19€
      The ski resort Aillons-Margériaz is located at Lac du Bourget (France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Savoie Mont Blanc, Savoie, Chambéry). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 24 km of slopes available. 12 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,370 and 1,785 m.

      1. Vitosha-Sofia, Bulgaria

      Vitosha Sofia ski resort.jpgSki pass price (adult): 18€
      The top elevation in Vitosha-Sofia is an impressive 2.290 m. With 15 lifts and 20 km of slopes this isn't s small mountain. Just outside of the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, the mountainrange Vitosha is an impressive sight. You can get there easily by bus and the skiing is between the elevations of 1,340 and 2,290 m.