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30% on all Extrem skis

30% on all Extrem skis

Posted by Simon Tjernström

2020-03-16 10:15

Extrem skis are mounting a massive sale. Dropping the price 30% on all 2020 models. Popular skis like Second Opinion, Fusion, Project 100 and Mothertree.

Extrem have very modern factory located at the outskirts of the largest ski resort in Scandinavia, which makes it possible to both develop and produce our high-quality skis. Continously testing them in various snow conditions.

Buy Extrem skis at 30% right here.

Buyers guide försättsbild.jpgMaybe that's why the ski brand have gotten so drenched in awards last couple of years. That's why we are super happy to offer you a 30% sale on all Extrem skis.
"The real difference between making good skis and great skis is our passion" - Extrem Skis

Pssst.. Ride with Sverre this spring
Inforuta kampanj sverre.jpg
Right now - until March 25th (that is today). If you buy something here at Ridebrain you'll get a day of skiing with Sverre Liliequist in åre. He will show you his secret spot and we promise you a great day. We will inform all you who buy place and time.