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Park Skis

What is a park ski?
A park ski is a ski designed and built for jumping in table top jumps or sliding on rails or boxes with. And everything in between. It has a twin tip, meaning you can ride both forwards and backwards with it.

Examples of park skis
Armada E-Dollo, Rossignol Scratch, Armada ARV, Atomic XXXX, K2 Public Enemy

Construction of a park ski
A park ski is often a ski with sandwich construction. Poplar wood or beech are common wood types in a park ski. The side cut is often more similar in the tip and tail than other types of skis, making it more ideal for skiing backwards. The twin tip construction is more pronounced. Some park skis have specified flex zones making it more playful and easier for tricks where you slide on your noses or tails. Some park skis are specially designed for skiing lots of rails. Either with a reinforced steel edge or with the edge removed under the boot.
Park ski mounting points and length
Skiers mount their park skis differently but the most common is mounting it dead center, meaning your boot center will be as far from the tail as from the tip.

The last couple of years the used lengths have shortened significantly in park skis. With this said, many people still ride skis 10-15 centimeters longer than themselves. Nothing is wrong, nothing is right. But basically a shorter ski makes it easier to spin with and maneuver in the air, while a longer ski is easier to land with.